Top 10 History and Headlines’ Lists and Articles 2014

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Dear Readers, The first full year of our site’s existence has come to an end.  As you may have noticed, we recently changed our name to History and Headlines to reflect the direction our site has taken.  It has been a successful year with much growth, development and learning.  We would like to take this opportunity to summarize our Top 10 Lists and the Top 10 Articles as selected by your views.  So, bookmark this compilation and come back whenever you have time to peruse through our most popular pieces at your leisure to catch up on whatever you may have missed this past year.  If there are any topics you wish for us to cover in the future, please name these below in the comments section.  We thank you for your continued readership and look forward to providing you with many new and interesting posts in the New Year.  And if you have not already done so, please become a subscriber to our site by entering your email address at the top right of this page.
Best regards, Your History and Headlines Team

# 10 List – 10 Favorite Guns of the Gangsters







# 10 Article – History vs. Hollywood – The Philip Experiment vs. The Quiet Ones





# 9 List – 10 Ways People Died in the Middle Ages





# 9 Article – June 4, 2010: Braless Attorney Barred from Entering Prison





# 8 List – Top 12 Action Stars Who Are Badasses in Real Life





# 8 Article – Jessica Lange’s Character in American Horror Story: Freak Show is Based on a Real Woman!





# 7 List – 10 Famous Bridge Collapses





# 7 Article – When National Geographic First Showed a Woman’s Breasts in its Magazine





#6 List – 10 Famous Pistols – Handguns





# 6 Article – The Saint Who Liked to Spank!

spanking saint2




# 5 List – 10 Oppressed Minorities Around the World





# 5 Article – The Vet Clinic in the Gambia: Charity for our Furry Friends in Africa





# 4 List – History and Headlines Presents 10 Things History Got Wrong About Women





# 4 Article – History vs. Hollywood: Annabelle the Haunted Doll!





# 3 List – 10 Women with Wieners





# 3 Article – Might Catherine of Aragon Have Lied?





# 2 List – The Most Evil People in History





# 2 Article – American Horror Story: Coven is Based on a True Story…well, sort of!





# 1 List – Naked Ladies Series, Lists 1 – 5





# 1 Article – Naked Girls on Bikes







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