Slot Machine Hacks that Casinos Keep From You

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A Brief History

Today, there are more slot machine titles in a casino than all the other games combined; however, unlike most other games, these have many secrets that the casinos keep from you.

Digging Deeper

Slot placement is deliberate

In actuality everything regarding slot placement is completely deliberate. The casinos that make the most profits are placed in the limelight while ones that have a lower house edge are cornered away.

That is why it is best to avoid those that are found in well-lit areas and head for one that is at the back. More often than not, these are the ones where you can make a fortune.

Not all slots pay equally

Generally, classic slots pay much more than their video counterparts. The former is easier to run and may not be as enticing to players as the latter. The pay rate for video slots are brought down since they are theme-based and attract a lot of traffic. It is best to research about various slots and their payout rates before you decide to wager on one.

Slots Clubs are not created to reward you

The casinos are not genies that exist to shower you with rewards. Yes, you can still get offers, play credits, and various other benefits, but all these exist to track your gambling behavior and patterns which allows casinos to market content that is designed for you. Slots club is a similar tool that they use for marketing. Though users can still join, don’t assume their sole function is to reward them.

Slots cannot be won in the long-term

Slots only dispense winnings depending on the wagers that you have made, but in the long run, the house edge beats all your odds and users must understand that there can be a few wins here and there but it is all loss in the long term.

The best bet is the maximum bet

It appears counter-intuitive but it holds enough water. The max bets tend to activate all given jackpots and increase your chances of winning manifold. Hardly will a casino divulge this information since small wagers that do not amount to a win makes them enough profits; however, one should not max out every time and empty the bankroll overnight.

Class 2 slots are not exactly slots

Class 2 slots are in fact Bingo games with a slot front. Slots are illegal in some jurisdictions which forces game developers to tie the two together. Be wary of these since you won’t be able to get the same payouts out of them as you would from a typical slot machine.

Classic Slots pay more than Video Slots

Although we have already mentioned this, this deserves to be recapitulated. Video slots are more popular, while classic slots are not which allow casinos to tweak pay-outs. This ensures that the traffic is managed effectively.

Slots are totally random

All spins are random and no spin impacts the next. They are planned to pay at a given rate which has nothing to do with how “hot” or “cold” a slot is. Though casinos will never tell you, the probability of a jackpot win is the same for every spin.

All gaming behavior is tracked

This should not come as a surprise given the era that we live in. Everything is analyzed and collected as data. This can improve how the casino markets itself to you but also make it easier to dupe you into making unwise decisions.

You are more likely to put your payout tickets back into a machine

Studies concur that users are more likely to wager with tickets than they are with real cash. Casinos have used this to their advantage as this disassociates you from the fact that it is money you’re holding. It is best to cash out the tickets as soon as you’re in their possession to avoid yourself the disappointment of losing your hard-won money.

Quick play is how games are designed

Casinos are in the business of making money, fast. That is why all the games are designed to be quick-plays, which reduce the time you have to make a decision and give your money over to the casino. That is why, the next time you’re on your casino, take your time and play as leisurely as you can.

Slots are designed to make users feel happy

All slots are manufactured to make users feel happy. This is both a boon and a bane. It may be good for the sake of entertainment, but it can greatly impact your decision making. It can become downright addictive if not kept in check. Most online best new online casino in Canada is RoyalPanda ensure that users are not getting addicted to their games. This is due thanks to the responsible gaming policy that they employ.

Not all wins are exactly wins

Sometimes slots display that users have won but in reality, that have received less than what they wagered. This is meant to trick users into believing they are winning and can wager more. Users are advised to check how much they’ve actually won before they turn to celebrating.

Progressive slots are played in various locations

All jackpots are linked nationwide and are played on by millions of users. They make a small cut from your wager while diverting the rest to the jackpot. The chances of winning one are similar to that of a lottery.


Casinos are in the business of making money. Slots may seem like money making machines to users but they are actually devices that make money for casinos. We hope that you now have sufficient information regarding slot machines, which though should not deter you from playing them and help you make wiser decisions.

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Historical Evidence

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