Turkey and Hair Transplants – Why So Popular?

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A Brief History

Nowadays, Turkey has become the destination for hair transplant surgery among many foreigners, especially those individuals coming from the United Kingdom (UK). There are many reasons for this; for one thing, hair transplants cost a lot of money in many of the countries of the UK and elsewhere in the world. This means that often it is actually cheaper for people to become medical tourists and travel to Turkey which offers lower cost surgeries, yet still provides high quality work.

Digging Deeper

The UK has national health insurance for the population, but this does not cover cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant surgery. Even when people have private insurance, it does not generally cover cosmetic work.

Turkey also has many doctors who are specially trained and certified in the newest hair transplant procedures such as the FUE and sapphire FUE. In Turkey, doctors go to medical school and are taught to care for their patients and to gain experience in their respective field of choice. The excellent doctors are one more reason that large numbers of people travel to Turkey to have medical procedures done.

The best hair loss clinics in Turkey are those which have doctors which are accredited and have the necessary education and experience to do a good job and make sure that safety and hygiene is paramount.

Many of the doctors in Turkey have internationally-accepted qualifications and an excellent record of work. Popular cosmetic clinics that have many years of experience, and that have experienced doctors and staff often are the best and safest option for customers. These clinics have good reviews and recommendations and have the best trained and qualified doctors; consider too that they would not still be in business if they were doing low quality and unsafe medical procedure, particularly in a country where competition for patients is so intense.

MCAN Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Turkey.  Photograph by PoppyNorton.

Other reasons why Turkey is so good for hair transplant work

Many of the clinics also work with patients from other countries to organize the trip. This means that patients can rely on the staff at a clinic to help with organizing travel arrangements and accommodation. Such packages are ideal for people flying out to get hair transplant surgery.

Consider too that Turkey has regulations in place controlling the health care industry, including the medical tourism industry. This is important because it helps to ensure the safety of people travelling to the country for medical treatment. Your safety is important, and so this is a big advantage for the hair transplant and cosmetic industry in Turkey. Reputable clinics will have the correct qualifications and be able to show evidence of good outcomes and have the experienced physicians that you are looking for.

Another reason for the country being popular is that it is in a good geographic location that many people can affordably travel to. The country also offers many options for those individuals who are planning on combining a holiday with their hair transplant procedure. There is a lot to do and see in the country if you do want to combine a vacation with a hair transplant.

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Historical Evidence

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