Top 10 Indicators of Supernatural Influence on Earth

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A Brief History

Throughout history, humans have noticed and wondered about various phenomena that they could not easily understand or explain.  Though modern science has often tried to find reasons for such “super” natural occurrences, many people remain unconvinced, leaving room for speculation and wonder.  Certainly many aspects of religion might qualify as supernatural, and since the majority of people believe in one sort of religion or another, it would be logical to conclude that the majority of people accept at least some supernatural phenomena in their set of beliefs.  Here we list 10 reasons upon which people can logically base a belief in the supernatural, whether religious, alien, magical or unexplainable by the current state of science.  Are teleportation and time travel just a few scientific discoveries away from becoming a reality?  Are there multiple universes or realities/dimensions?  Feel free to offer your nominations for events or conditions that you feel “prove” the existence of the supernatural.

Digging Deeper

10. Ancient Accomplishments.

Some people take the physical evidence of ancient, sometimes primitive, people who oftentimes had no machines, no computers and no written alphabet pulling off wondrous architectural feats as proof of divine or alien intervention.  The Great Pyramids of Egypt are a frequent example, as are the Nazca Lines in the Andes, the Bimini Island formations in the Caribbean and underwater formations off the coast of Japan which are said to be 12,000 years old, long before civilization as we know it existed.  Much has been written on this subject, one of the earlier and most influential books on this subject is  Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods which took an incredulous world by storm in 1968 and then again as a television special in 1970. 

9. Biblical Events.

Obviously, for this subject to have credibility, the person doing the pondering must believe the Bible or other holy text is basically or entirely true in the first place.  Presuming that it is, the events described therein are often blatantly out of sync with normal rules of nature.  That is why miracles are miracles, because they are supernatural, not natural.  Did Ezekiel actually see a space ship when he saw the “wheel?”  If Balaam’s ass talked to him, that is a bit special in itself.  The Assumption of Mary, the Resurrection of Christ, Mohammad lifting off to heaven, the Buddha achieving Nirvana, all these and more might have more simple, natural or scientific explanations, but not in the way they are believed.

8. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

Extra sensory perception is a phenomenon that  has been repeatedly witnessed by humans throughout history, manifesting itself in a variety of ways.  Examples include: seeing future events; sensing danger with no rational reason but being correct nonetheless; reading other persons’ thoughts; having knowledge of past facts that one could not know; and uncannily being able to describe what is on the face of a card when only seeing its back.  Like the other phenomena described in this list, the vast amount of evidence and number of witnesses is enough to demand consideration instead of instant dismissal.  Telekinesis, the psychic ability to cause movement,and pyrokinesis, the psychic ability to set things on fire power, if you believe the reports, would also lend credibility to this area of the paranormal.

7. Déjà vu.

Nearly every person has felt the incredibly bizarre feeling that they have seen a particular event or heard a certain sound or felt a particular sensation or smelled a particular fragrance before.  Often the phenomenon is like reliving something for a second time.  This condition is widespread and seemingly universal, definitely something to give pause to the most doubtful person.  Honorable mention to dreams, especially the ones that cannot be told apart from reality.

6. Tachy Psyche or Tachypsychia.

Tachypsychia is when a person experiences a distortion in the perception of time, basically experiencing events in a sort of slow motion rather than at the speed they are transpiring.  In times of great stress, or when one is under the influence of drugs, or while experiencing physical trauma, or even through exquisite mind control, the flow of time can slow down.  I know from personal experience that I have made carefully thought out and deliberate observations and decisions in a fraction of a second.  People involved in shootings, accidents and other high-stress incidents often report this experience.  Scientists believe the production of dopamine and norepinephrine in the body causes the brain to work super fast.  Believe me, it does.

5. Twins.

The special bond between twins is now commonly accepted as being some sort of psychic connection between the two.  Science in its current state cannot account for why it is so, but twins have often reported feeling sensations their twin is experiencing even though they may be separated by many miles.  They also often seem to be able to read each other’s minds.  The most egregious violations of the privacy and rights of twins through the misapplication of “research” was by Nazi pseudo-scientists in World War II.

4. UFOs.

Far from merely being a subject for science-fiction books and movies and far from being confined to only being seen by stereotypical country bumpkins, the reports of unidentified or seemingly alien machines and life forms have persisted across history in numerous societies.  Furthermore, many credible people such as airplane pilots, police and military types have been among those reporting UFOs or alleged alien activity.  At times, scientists seem to be able to satisfactorily explain the event, but at others, they are at a loss.  Again, the sheer weight of events, despite the obvious hokey incidents, lends at least some credibility to the idea that aliens exist, have existed, and have in one way or another visited Earth or sent reconnaissance vehicles here.  Incidents that national governments acknowledge as being unexplainable are often attributed as being “supernatural” or alien in nature.

3. Near-Death Experiences.

So many people have “died” but came back after a brief period in which everything indicated that they were dead.  These people often report the same or at least very similar experiences, giving persuasive evidence of an afterlife.  The sense of leaving one’s body, the bright light, the visions of loved ones who had already departed and the overwhelming feeling of comfort run like a common thread through the reports.  People who have reported near-death experiences are not always crackpots but are often known and respected people from all walks of life.

2. Ghosts and Spirits.

All over the world and in every society, people have reported sensing ghostly contacts.  Can this widespread phenomena be casually dismissed?  The sheer weight of the testimony lends a certain degree of credibility to the idea that ghosts or spirits, at least at times, occupy our zone of reality.  Chances are you or someone you know and trust has had such an encounter.  As so many people have, even doubters have to wonder.

1. Life and its Diversity on Earth.

Despite strenuous efforts, we have not yet proven that life exists or has ever existed on any other planet or heavenly body.  Why Earth?  Can our planet be so unique in a universe of trillions of solar systems?  Many do not accept the theory of evolution as sufficient enough to explain the incredible diversity of life on Earth.  The theories of how the spark of life started on Earth are far from proven and remain only theories.  Mighty efforts have been made to “create” life in the laboratory, but they have been without success.  Creating amino acids is as far as science has gotten.  Was the spark of life that started it all Divine intervention?  Alien origin?  Perhaps we will never know, but for now it can to be considered “super” natural until we get a better explanation.  Additionally, some folks, even educated ones, are skeptical about the possibility that life could have reached such incredible diversity in the timeframe given by scientists.  How will we ever know?  Do you know? 

Bonus: Bigfoot and Nessie Sightings!*

An additional indicator of the supernatural on earth are sightings of various cryptids from Bigfoot (in Russia and North America) to Nessie (in Scotland).  For more on these creatures, please see “Russian Bigfoot Kills 9 Students! (The Dyatlov Pass Incident)”  and “Bigfoot Patty Had an Even Bigger Friend!” as well as “The First Known Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster” and “April 21, 1934: Famous “Surgeon’s Photograph” of Loch Ness Monster Taken!” Please let us know after reading this list and exploring these other articles, if you believe that Bigfoot and Nessie are real.  Jeff Danelek presents his arguments for believing in these and similar creatures on our sister site TopTenz with his articles “Top 10 Reasons to Believe in Bigfoot” and “Top 10 Reasons You Should Believe In Ghosts.”  Moreover, you can learn about some interesting ghostly experiences by checking out the Facebook page for John Carroll University’s Paranormal Research Group.  

*We have Bigfoot and Nessie as a bonus rather than as part of the top 10 list because these two cryptids might actually in fact be animals for whose existence there are explanations that have nothing to do with the paranonormal or the supernatural.

But we really want to hear from our readers!  Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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