Toll-free number – The ideal tool to boost your business

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A Brief History

Nowadays, your business prosperity depends on multiple determinants. Factors like your business strategies, key resource implementation, market reach, customer experience, quality service, productive team, and professionalized operations can be ascribed as key success drivers. One of the most underrated business elements that have an immediate influence on your business operations and success is your business phone system.

Yes, you read it right! The right type of phone system can hoist your business without inserting much effort and investment. In fact, it fuels up other success drivers and helps them yield more than expected results. Now, we have various types of phone systems that a business can own.

Out of all the types, our vote goes to a toll-free number. This different-from-usual three-digit code phone number has all the powers to improve your team’s productivity, positioning you as a professional market player, track the efficacy of marketing strategies, and endow customers with par excellent customer experience in one go.

Digging Deeper

Is it hard to believe? Here is how it makes it happen:

  • Toll-free means calling is free

We all love free things. Imagine how happy your customers would be when contacting you as it will not exert any calling charges on your customers. They will be more than happy. Unlike other telephony systems, the toll-free number doesn’t charge the callers for the call. Rather business pays for it.

Though it seems a minor change in the telephony system, it has far-reaching impacts. When calls are free, customers are happy. They do not mind dialing your number and discuss their concerns in detail. This further increases customer engagement. There is no need to mention the role of customers in a business’s success. The more engaged and happy are the customers, the better will be the sales and revenues.

On the other hand, using toll free number positions you as a professional market player that keeps his customers at the pivot.  It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  • Nation-wide presence without any hassle

Being integrated is what ensures business success. As toll free numbers are not associated with any specific area codes, they are easily accessible from anywhere. It gives your business a sole identity that further empowers your market presence and customer base.

The same sort of integrity it brings in your sales team. You can connect with the agents situated at different locations using the call forwarding feature available on the virtual phone numbers. You need not own a locality-wise phone number. The same toll-free number can work for a different location.

  • Tracking the ROI made on your marketing

Marketing is one of the key factors that have a direct impact on your business growth and presence. The more detailed and target-specific marketing would be, the better will be the revenue generation; however, keeping track of marketing strategies is important. By using toll-free phone numbers for your newspaper, print, media, or any other type of ads, you can actually track their efficacy in the real-world.

You can assign specific internet virtual numbers and get detailed reports about a call received, missed, and converted over a single click. This type of data-driven reporting enables a business to find out which campaign is actually working and which is not.

  • Keeping the things sorted for better functionality

The virtual phone system comes with impeccable task automation features. Some of the key menial tasks like voicemail transcription, call transferring, and customized greetings can be taken care of by toll-free phone system without bothering you much. Also, since the cloud telephony has made an entry, all the data can be stored at a centralized place that is accessible for all your agents.

When all the data can be accessed over a single click and your team is not involved in doing lengthy administrative tasks, you are likely to grow as a business for sure.

  • Better customer retention

Apart from setting your customers free from calling charges, there are many ways by which toll-free phone numbers please customers. It comes with features like an auto-attendant, call transferring, global connect, and IVR that enables a caller to get a quick response and right assistance.

Also, with features like on-hold music and customized welcome message, it makes the calling experience best and pleasing. Whatever the call waiting time, your customers don’t mind waiting when they have pleasant music to hear. In fact, some of the businesses have used their promotional messages as on-hold music and witnessed some hike in the sales. Doesn’t it sound great?

The Conclusion

It takes tons of effort to make a business successful; however, if you are taking the right resources like toll free numbers on-board, things can be easier and less strenuous. This one resource can empower all the other success drivers and increase their output. So, if you really want to see your business touching the new heights, getting a toll-free number is a must.

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