Tips on how to Quit Smoking Pot Forever

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A Brief History

On January 1, 2013, the first marijuana “club” for private marijuana smoking (no buying or selling, however) was allowed for the first time in Colorado.

Digging Deeper

There is no such thing as a typical weed smoker.  Every single one has their own personal story of how and why they ever started, and unique motivations for maintaining the habit; however, those who decide to quit smoking weed for good can all benefit from these useful tips to help make the journey to recovery and freedom a one way trip.

  • Get real

During these lazy, hazy, smoke fueled days and nights it is easy to kid yourself that smoking weed is a harmless pastime. It is not dangerous to health and relationships like alcohol is, or sugar – with its tooth rooting, fat gaining evils. Acknowledging that weed is a different, but equally damaging, mind-altering substance is essential to successfully give it up completely.

  • Learn to want your life back

Addiction is a powerful word, and one which many weed smokers avoid applying to themselves. However, the truth is if you need a joint to get going in the morning, to truly relax at any time, or as an incentive to simply get through the day, then you are not free. Quitting weed for good cannot happen unless you want to be free more than you want a joint.

  • Get to know yourself again

Long term or heavy weed smokers are likely to find their thoughts, emotions and personality have been masked, or dulled by their addiction. Quitting could well involve learning how to navigate feelings and attitudes which feel quite unfamiliar, so making time to get to know and like the non-smoking you is crucial to make this huge life change a permanent thing.

Main short-term physical effects of cannabis

  • Set bite-size goals

Forever is a long time, so if the thought of never smoking weed ever, ever, again triggers stress and anxiety rather than liberation break it down to weeks days, or even hours. Do not forget to reward yourself as you pass each milestone too.

  • Commit to exercise

There is plenty of exciting evidence around that claims the bit of the brain drugs affect respond just as well to consistent physical movement. So whether you fancy a bit of zumba or a round of golf it is possible to get a natural high and improve your fitness at the same time.

  • Feed your soul

Many weed smokers are looking to fill a gap in their lives, so quitting and then actually staying away for it forever is much easier if you explore other ways to nurture your inner self. Things like painting and drawing, yoga, or any kind of musical activity are good examples of helpful activities.

  • Create new networks

If smoking weed is something you do only with your closest friends it is tricky, but not impossible to quit forever, especially if you smoke casually and they are understanding people. If it is the main thing you share then success probably depends on you moving on.

There is no magic spell that can guarantee success, but with support, motivation and determination it is possible to quit smoking weed forever. If you would like to check out an in depth guide and how Kevin was able figure out how to stop smoking weed, then check out this blog.

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Historical Evidence

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About Author

Kevin Bryce

Kevin is an ex drug addict, who was addicted to marijuana for years. It started as a light hobby but became an obsession that completely took over his life. After hard work, Kevin managed to make a change and he stopped weed completely in 2016. He now helps many other struggling addicts with quitting weed for good.