Author: Kevin Bryce

Kevin Bryce

Kevin is an ex drug addict, who was addicted to marijuana for years. It started as a light hobby but became an obsession that completely took over his life. After hard work, Kevin managed to make a change and he stopped weed completely in 2016. He now helps many other struggling addicts with quitting weed for good.

A Brief History On January 1, 2013, the first marijuana “club” for private marijuana smoking (no buying or selling, however) was allowed for the first time in Colorado. Digging Deeper There is no such thing as a typical weed smoker.  Every single one has their own personal story of how and why they ever started, and unique motivations for maintaining the habit; however, those who decide to quit smoking weed for good can all benefit from these useful tips to help make the journey to recovery and freedom a one way trip. Get real During these lazy, hazy, smoke fueled…

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