The Definitive Guide to the Ideal Video Doorbell for You!

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A Brief History

In 2013, one of the earliest smart doorbells that entered to the market is the Ring Video Doorbell which was created by entrepreneur James Siminoff.  Are you thinking of investing in the best video doorbell? Video doorbells are significant trendsetters in the home security frontier. It’s one of the best ways to stay up to date with what’s happening right at your door while you are away. There are essential things that you must look at when choosing a video doorbell. Below is a definitive guide to selecting the ideal video doorbell.

Digging Deeper

Wireless or wired?

Here is one of the significant decisions that you have to tackle. Would you want to have a wired or wireless system?

You will discover that most video doorbells have been designed to replace the traditional doorbells which have already become wired. It will make perfect sense if you are searching for a fast and more straightforward installation without the need for batteries.

You might be wondering what happens if one lacks a doorbell in place? Choosing to wire a doorbell will be an uphill task. Save yourself the hassle by choosing a wireless video doorbell.

You ought to find the ideal model by looking at various brands, including Ring vs Ring 2 video doorbells. It shall set you on the perfect path to finding the best system for you.

The motion detector 

Most video doorbells come with motion detection sensors; however, the sensitivity degree, as well as customization, will vary from one video doorbell to another.

You must take a personal route while choosing any smart device. Choose a video doorbell that will meet all of your needs.

Do you have a complex property layout? You ought to select a customizable motion detection zone. You must check your residential design so that you can make a sensible priority.

Resolution as well as angle viewing 

You can choose to have a standard HV video that might be a 720p video; however, if you are keen on details, you must select a doorbell with 1080p HD.

You must also be keen on the selection of a doorbell with night vision as it will enable you to know who’s at the door without leaving the comfort of your seat or bed.

The camera viewing angle varies from one video doorbell to another. On regular occasions, the region rages from 150 to 160 degrees. Don’t limit yourself. You can choose to search for other doorbells whose viewing angle ranges at 180 degrees.

An individual can always enhance their angle by investing in a corner kit or a wedge. It will also enable you to protect your premises from various aspects, thus eliminating blind spots.

Storage cost 

Always make plans in advance to avoid getting any hidden surprises once you by the video doorbell.

Always have a look at the various features that come free of charge. And check on the features that you are paying for to start enjoying their services.

You will discover that many doorbells have limited free cost storage. Probably it will be around 24 hours. To get more room, you might have to pay for a regular subscription.

The paid plan can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Always choose an option that has a favorable discount. Do not forget to go through the fine print as it will ensure you get what you need at the stipulated price.

Smart lock integration as well as interoperability 

The beauty of having several home intelligent devices is that you can integrate them to work together. Look around your home and see which other technology you would like to hook to the video doorbell.

You can select a smart lighting or a smart door lock to work with the video doorbell, among others; however, before you go ahead to integrate them, you must check on the compatibility. It will save you the hassle while you are out shopping for these devices.

With the right guide, choosing a video doorbell is pretty straightforward. As you are making a comparison between Ring vs Ring 2 video doorbells, keep the above guideline in mind. Get the best video doorbell device that will enable you to become aware of what is going on at your door throughout. If you are yet to invest in a video doorbell, it is high time you do so. It is a mega-investment that pays back all the time upon its installation.

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