Stunning Ways In Which Fashion Businesses Can Use Instagram

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A Brief History

On December 6, 2016, Instagram introduced comment liking, which are similar to upvotes.  Today, there are a few useful and effective ways in which fashion businesses, just like any other type of businesses, can use the Instagram platform in the best way possible for their brand promotion and business marketing purpose.

Well, being an aspiring fashion business, if you look up on the internet for a few tips and advice, most of these blogs and articles will revolve around the basics of it.

  • They will say that you will need to keep your content fresh and therefore post on a regular basis.
  • They will also say that you must create the most compelling and creative content to boost engagement amongst the visitors.
  • Few will also say that you should be highly interactive with your users.

Well, in order to survive in the most competitive fashion business world, you will need to know much more than these. This is where this article is different from the others.

In order to make your Instagram account attractive and highly engaging, you will need to first know about the elements that you need to create a beautiful content and follow the Instagram trends. All these elements should align perfectly with your brand. Therefore, you should look for relevant items to include such as:

  • Instagram Stories and
  • Live video.

These elements will help you as well as your users to connect and relate easily with your content and gain more followers and real Instagram likes.

Digging Deeper

Look for better example

There is no shame in getting inspiration from some of the leading fashion brands in your specific niche, but make sure you do not duplicate their strategies or use any unfair means. There are lots of tools and software available that will help Google to find out plagiarized contents and not rank your site high.

A few good examples to follow will enable you to know a lot of things like:

  • The elements you need to focus on to make the best use of the social followers through this photo-sharing site
  • The ways to engage your fans and followers by showing the best side of your brand
  • The process in which you can master your brand focus on Instagram platform and lots more.

Empowered with such knowledge, it will be easier for you to promote your brand and product on Instagram and connects with the users. Make your elements of the content a part of your brand story. Also make it a point that:

  • Your content has some personality and flavor for some serious brand positioning
  • There is proper use of white space to emphasize on the product to draw more attention
  • Pep it up with behind the scenes images and videos to show the human side of your business
  • Use fun style to make your content different from generic brand promotion and
  • Be more creative with your content to ensure better engagement.

With all these, you will be able to show real-world applications of your products to the world.

Interact with otherusers

If you want to see a significant increase in the number of traffic to your fashion site you will need to interact more with other users of this platform. The best ways to do this are:

  • Liking: This is probably the simplest way to establish a connection and interact with other users.
  • Commenting: Just tap on the comment button beside the like button and enter what you want to say in the text box that appears and hit Post when done.
  • Mentioning: Use the @ symbol if you want to tag other users in your post captions or comments.
  • Tagging: Add tags before you post or share your photo.
  • Direct messaging: Access Instagram Direct to post private photos, videos and instant messages.

You can also connect with both your followers on Instagram and Facebook using only one application when Facebook integrates Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram direct messages.

Successful brand marketing

In this digital world that is moving at a fast pace, Instagram happens to be the best platform for successful fashion brand marketing. The features will facilitate your marketing strategies allowing your social networking to take over the job of increasing traffic to your fashion site.

The analytics tools will play a critical role in identifying the better performing visual contents of yours as well as that of your competitors to:

  • Design a more effective and successful marketing strategy
  • Create a better opportunity for brand positioning
  • Be more creative and cohesive to ensure a better personality of your brand plus
  • Allow your users to see more curated content daily.

When you integrate it with your email marketing campaigns, the users will not feel overwhelmed by the different notifications and your emails. Just follow the best practices to post your social content that can be your own or even of your users. Just know the reason why you are posting a particular content and do not ever shy away from participating in an engaging conversation.

Putting it together

There are lots of business to business brands that use Instagram in the best way possible for their business promotion purpose. Therefore, the fashion brands are not to be left out, especially knowing that this is a platform to share exclusive photos and videos.

  • This platform is the best to make new connections at almost every stage of their business development and promotion.
  • This platform helps all these brand owners to keep in touch with current and potential customers.

With more than 70% of the workforce being millennials who are active on Instagram, this is the best platform to showcase your product, brand and artistic skills. All you have to know is your demographic while you consider marketing on Instagram.The platform will not only build your brand but will also help you a great deal in generating more leads and sales prospects.

Therefore, there is no reason or wisdom to walk away from Instagram for your marketing purpose, especially if you are an aspiring fashion brand. This platform plays a major role in building the economy of the nation apart from helping the fashion brands to grow their business.

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Historical Evidence

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The featured image in this article, an image by geralt, is licensed under the Pixabay License.


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