The Benefits of Travelling Separately from Your Partner

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A Brief History

You’ve been investing in your relationship so much, but after a year or two of living together, you suddenly feel bored. It’s quite obvious as both of you bury yourselves under the daily routines. You rarely talk about anything else but your problems at work. As a result, you slowly start irritating each other. Well, what can be done about it? Of course, thousands of articles online would advise you to start travelling as a couple. But travelling together after a year of being irritated by each other may ultimately ruin your relationship. Sometimes your relationship enters dire times because of individual problems with each of you. Thus, you need to solve them on your own. So, instead of travelling as a couple, you should try travelling on your own. Before thinking that you should become a travelling couple, we encourage you to check out the benefits of travelling separately from your partner.

Digging Deeper

You Fall In Love With Yourself Again

As soon as we jump on the perfect romantic relationship bandwagon we try to shrug off “you and me” to have this much desired “we”. Unfortunately, the absence of “you and me” often works as the perfect romance killer. We get rid of every bit of individuality that may have an influence on “we”. As a result, your relationship falls apart as both of you have fallen in love with an individuality and not a robot. You should ditch travelling as a couple, as you won’t be able to enjoy your trip, being focused on remaining a perfect couple. If you travel on your own, however, you get the possibility to fall in love with yourself again. Thus, once again you become interesting for your significant other. We all need some alone time, so you should observe your travelling separately from your partner as spending quality  time with yourself.

You Test Your Relationship

Whenever you travel somewhere when you are single you think about hooking up. Travel time often equals time for sex with strangers, maybe it can be Ukrainian women dating. But things are different when you are in a commitment. Having sex with somebody on your trip is cheating on your partner. Well, now you need to test yourself and your relationship all together. We are not saying that you shouldn’t communicate with anyone on your trip. Of course, you can and, moreover, you should communicate with other people. But you should observe them as new acquaintances. You are no sexual predator, as you have a partner who waits for you at home. The feeling that you have when refusing one night stands when you are in committed relationship is quite rewarding.

You Keep The Romance Alive

When you spend short time separated from each other, you keep your romance alive. You are no longer boring to each other, as, all of the sudden, you feel that you are desperately missing that person that irritates you in your everyday life. That’s the main point of travelling separately from each other. You start missing each other, thus your romance is alive again. If your separate trips goes okay, you may try travelling together.

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