Pros and Cons on Availing Phone, TV and Internet Bundles

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A Brief History

In 1993, when Cox began offering telecommunication services to businesses, the company became the first multiple system cable operator to do so.  In the society that we live in currently, there are three major things that most of us cannot survive without… a phone for communication, a TV set, and the internet; however, these things are all like owning a car… they all add to your daily/monthly expenditure. Needless to mention, they also come with a ton of advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else in this life. Most of all, did you know that there are service providers who offer great deals on talk time/SMS, TV, and internet access? Whether this is clear or a bit confusing to you by now, here are some pros and cons of availing phone, TV, and internet bundles in your home or workplace.

Digging Deeper: Pros 

1. Provides quick access to valuable information

Information is power, so they say. Having a reliable triple plan that includes phone, TV, and internet bundles is a sure way to ease your access to valuable information that you can use in your research work, shopping, and even enlightenment. Whether you’re a student, a business person or an individual looking to boost their knowledge, a bundled TV, phone, and internet deal could be all you need as far as easy and quick access to crucial information is concerned. Specifically, it’s become a resourceful option for many aspiring professionals, shopping enthusiasts, and those trying to better their skills.

2. Better management of finances

In the world of today where every other thing happens online, most of us find ourselves heavily relying on the internet for business, social, academic, and personal tasks. These days, you may rely on the internet to watch your favorite TV programs, download files, transact on online stores, pay your bills faster, conduct your banking transactions, and so much more. The thing is, as much as it makes things more convenient for us, the internet does not always come cheap, neither does phone services and TV. Thanks to phone+TV+internet bundle plans, users of digital tech devices can now manage their finances better by selecting their preferred packages and tracking their spending. In addition, Cox Triple Play reviewers say that a combined bundle package can be a great money-saving alternative to cable TV for binge-watchers (who are also phone and internet users) as opposed to paying for cable TV yet it’s only one or two programs that you (rarely) follow. A well-selected triple bundle plan can be a great way to save on phone, television, and internet costs. 

3. Communication

Communication is an essential factor in our daily lives. Thanks to innovations in tech today, phone, TV, and internet bundles help promote effective communication and make it easier in workplaces, homes, and other locations despite the communicator’s geographical position and time zone. In workplaces, for instance, efficiency has been streamlined, especially due to the fact that information from field representatives can be shared in real-time with their colleagues, bosses, and clients.

4. News

With a phone, TV and internet bundle package, you can access real-time news updates from across the globe. In addition, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can get news updates from your phone via email or text, from internet browsers or your favorite news channels. Simply put, you can stay as updated as you would like to be. 

5. Education tools

Many universities all over the world have started to offer online programs. These have made it possible for those who would have needed to travel to foreign countries for higher learning to access all the learning tools right from the comfort of their homes. It’s become easier to study from home or during one’s free time instead of attending the fixed lectures and classes. In the longer run, the cost is reduced by nearly half of what you’d actually have to part with.

6. Entertainment

Games, movies, TV shows, music, and other forms of entertainment can all be accessed if one has a phone, TV and internet bundles. That is a whole lot because any form of entertainment one requires can be accessed through any of those devices.

7. Job Opportunities

Consider all the people employed by the media houses across the globe, those working in communication companies, and those involved in the manufacture of mobile phones and other handheld communication devices. Each respective industry has contributed to providing thousands if not millions of jobs to young men and women who would otherwise have been languishing in poverty. Easy access to internet bundles has also made it easier for millions of people to access online job opportunities and are now working as freelancers from the comfort of their homes. This should be considered as a great achievement in our time.

Digging Deeper: Cons

1. Cost

The maintenance cost of the phone, TVs, and internet bundles can be a little bit expensive more so on the internet part because they need to be recharged when they are depleted. On the other hand, for you to access your favorite TV channels, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly programming package. This does not come cheap in some countries, in which case you might have to make do with commercially oriented TV channels.

2. Addiction

With the whole lot of entertainment they provide, TVs and phones have become dens of addiction to some users. Most people are now glued to their remote controls and let’s face it, even the best of TV channels can still contain bad programming. Let’s not forget about the many online sites that promote societal things such as pornography, phishing, cyber-attacks, and all the vices that come with it. Great caution is needed while surfing the internet. They may eventually lead to addiction if high caution is not taken by the user. Funny it may be but a lot of people in the world, the youth, children and even adults suffer from what is known as gadget addiction, which may sometimes be accompanied by TV and internet addiction.

3. Health complications

A good number of health conditions come from sitting for too long without exercising or moving about. With entertainment at your fingertips, it is not unusual to find yourself sitting stationary for long hours. This behavior has also contributed to some eye problems due to eye-straining and too much light from phones, computers, TVs, and other electronic tech gadgets.

Basing our arguments from the above pointers, it is clear that a lot of sensitization has to be carried out across all the platforms, but clearly, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Most importantly, it requires a great deal of responsibility when using phone, TV, and internet bundles.

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Historical Evidence

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