Malone, New York

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A Brief History

On August 29, 2019, we take a look at Malone, a small to medium sized town that lies in the state of New York, in the good old USA.  It is the seat of Franklin County. There is a village inside the town which also bears the same name and the two must not be confused with each other. It has population of 14,545 according to 2010 census. The city has a rich, not to mention interesting history but the town maintains a balance between its heritage and its contemporary conveniences in order to keep its legacy without interfering with its development. Enjoy the best of Malone while you are in town.

Digging Deeper

Fast Facts

Perspective map of Malone from 1886 with list of landmarks by L.R. Burleigh

  • Malone was originally a part of Chateaugay and was formed as a separate town in 1805. It was initially called Harison after its founder, Richard Harison. The next name change, this time to Ezraville, came in 1808 to pay homage to Ezra L’Hommedieu and was officially and finally named Malone in 1812. The town was incorporated in 1853
  • The British tore Malone apart during the War of 1812. The Fenian brotherhoods tried to capture Canada and make it a bargaining tool for the British and the Irish nationalists. The city had been the battlefield between the two forces.
  • Among the notable residents of the town include 19th US Vice President William Almon Wheeler, born in 1819 in Malone,  whose home was located in Elm Street. 


If there is one word that best describes shopping in Malone, it would be extraordinary. This description is used because of the wide selection of retailers in the city. It has a high concentration of depots from large shopping centers to small specialty stores. Whatever it is that you are looking for; you will surely find it in Malone. St. Lawrence Centre Mall is the ultimate shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. It houses different shops that offer all the products that you can ever think of. Popular unique shops include ForARTsake and Chez Madelaine Gifts. 

Accommodation Tips

The city has a number of lodging options that range from campgrounds, bed and breakfasts to motels and hotels. If you have kids in tow, it will be best to turn to hotels so that you may have comfort at its best. Some of the famous lodges that are favored by tourists are Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Comfort Inn & Suites, Dreamland Motel and Four Season Motels. You would have a good value for your money with the practical and modern amenities by these properties. (For maximum convenience, book your Malone Hotels with

Best Museums

The House of History Museum preserves the heritage of Malone. It is the headquarters of Franklin County Historical and Museum Society. The house where it is stationed has a Tuscan-style and Victorian-era character. Built in 1864, records show that it was once the residence of Judge Hiram Horton. The museum has a collection of period furnishings, old photographs of the families who have resided there, farming equipment, hand tools, vintage cameras and much more. Some of the displays are donated by the past and current Franklin County locals. The exhibits indicate how the way of life of people who lived there has shifted through the times.

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Historical Evidence

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