Make Lawn Maintenance Feel Effortless with These Hacks

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A Brief History

Today, when you buy a huge house, a lot of responsibilities fall on you. The most difficult job among all is the cleaning and maintenance that goes into keeping the house neat and sparkling all the time. Along with your huge house, you get an enormous lawn to maintain as well. You surely do not want unnecessary weed growing and patching half of your lawn’s area. 

While some of you might think of lawn maintenance as a strenuous job, it actually is not that severe. You have to keep your lawn looking healthy, because that is the first thing that makes an impression when visitors arrive. More importantly, it keeps the surrounding air fresh, produces a lot of oxygen and collects all the dirt. 

We are sharing a few tips to do so which will make it really easy and worth the effort.

Digging Deeper

Proper Mowing

Mowing is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about lawn maintenance. It is definite that you already mow your lawn time and again. But the question is, are you doing it correctly? You cut the grass so short to save you from another mowing session in the coming week. But cutting your grass short will only form shorter roots, making it difficult for the grass to receive water from the soil. Hence it is important that you cut only one-third of the total grass length. A few things to consider are – summer time requires more mowing than winter, take care of the mowing direction, and mow only when the grass is absolutely dry.

Ensure Proper Watering

Needless to say, watering your grass regularly is important, especially during hot and dry days. But by regularly, we mean one inch of water per week because the grass needs to compensate for drier days when not fed with more water. It will inhibit the growth of shorter roots, making it possible for water to seep through the soil during scarcity.  You also need to place your sprinklers at an appropriate position that can cover almost every patch of the lawn. Regardless of the size, regular watering should be ensured for grass cut at all lengths. Also, remember to water your lawn in the morning to avoid evaporation. 

Hire a Professional Mowing Service

It is absolutely possible that you will not have enough time to look after your house, your kids, your work, and now your lawn. If you are extremely tied up and cannot take a day off, hiring a professional mowing and gardening service is the best option for you. Australian horticultural experts at believe that trained service will not only transform your lawn into a new one, but also provide you with numerous tips and tricks that you are completely unaware of. What’s more? The people behind a mowing service are thoroughly experienced with a specialized study and tons of experience. Other benefits usually include complete flexibility with the date and time according to your convenience, and a lawn as new as day one.

Consider the Aeration Process

Aeration is a technique used to punch holes in the soil to let the roots receive air and water in a proportionate amount for better growth. It can lead to healthier growth and denser roots by gaining adequate nutrients. A lot of tools and machines are available to carry out the aeration process. Sharp garden forks or aeration shoes are good alternatives to poke holes in the soil according to advised depth. Another benefit of aeration is that the soil is protected from drying out and water logging is prevented at the same time.

Deal with the Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow rapidly in your lawn, contributing to nothing and often covering up an entire patch if not treated sooner. They can go really deep into the soil and can be difficult to pull out. It is important to deal with weed plants as soon as possible, probably around the spring season when plants tend to grow. To solve this issue, you can follow a few tips like an appropriate amount of watering, regular mowing, keeping the grass long when mowing or applying relevant herbicides based on the type of weed. 

By following these tips, you will notice a much healthier and greener lawn, almost like when you moved into the house for the first time. It will make the air cleaner, hence promoting a healthy environment. You do not need to spend copious amounts of time taking care of your lawn, hiring professionals or scheduling maintenance hours during the week to take care of your lawn will go a long way in keeping it perfect. 

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