Golf Basics: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Golf Rangefinder

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A Brief History

May 2013 was a historic month for golfers around the world. This month in history marked Tiger Woods big win at The Players Championship. That win marked his fourth win of the year and was the quickest he had ever reached four wins during a year. 

Now it may seem that such a success is far out of view for your average golfer and that may be true but one thing that should never be out of view while golfing is the flag. The flag will be located on the green and will show you where the hole is when you are swinging from over 500 yards away. At that distance, it can understandingly be difficult to see the flag at times. Something that should never be out of view is the flags on a golf course. If you are an avid golfer you may want to consider purchasing a golf rangefinder.

Digging Deeper

What is a golf rangefinder? 

A golf rangefinder is a device that golfers use to better understand the distances between them and a specific target such as the hole. The rangefinder will often be used to view the flag that marks the hole on the green. It can be useful in determining what type of club to use to get the best shot. A rangefinder can be used to view the hole from distances of over 500 yards. It enables you to look at the terrain and slopes in and around the area you are hoping to place your ball. Having knowledge of how the course looks ahead of you will give you a definite edge over your competitors. 

Who needs a golf rangefinder?

Not every golfer will need to purchase a rangefinder; however, if you are looking to be the best golfer out of your friends or if you compete competitively at golf you should consider purchasing a rangefinder. If you want to take golfing to the next level you may want to consider purchasing a rangefinder to help you with your approach. 

Golf is a tough sport and it can be hard to understand the distance between you and the flag. To have a better understanding of the distance between your ball and the whole you should check out some of the rangefinders on the market. 

Where can I learn More about golf rangefinders? 

Rangefinders come in different shapes and sizes but also come in with different specs. For a detailed list of the pros and cons of different rangefinders I would suggest checking out the review done by The Left Trough. The review is extensive and they really understand what matters the most to people when they are looking for the perfect rangefinder to add to their golf gear. You can check out the review if you click here and make sure to let us know what your ideal rangefinder is. 

Some of the criteria to consider when purchasing a golf rangefinder is the size, durability, lens quality, price, and water resistance. You do not want to purchase a range finder that is impractical due to its large size. If the rangefinder is to big to be carried around comfortably you may be less likely to actually use the rangefinder. Also, another thing you may overlook is whether or not the rangefinder is water resistant. You do not want to worry about ruining your rangefinder due to a little rain or dropping it in the dewey grass.


I have personally seen my friend uses his rangefinder after he whipped it out on the third hole at our local golf club. I was surprised and kind of jealous about his cool looking gear and I must say he did perform better than me that day. I am a bit of a golfer myself , but I never considered myself to be good. After seeing my buddy use his rangefinder I might have to actually go and purchase one to keep up with him. 

When you are thinking of purchasing a rangefinder there are a few things you need to consider. The first thing to consider is if you really need one in the first place. Not every golfer is going to require a rangefinder because it is simply not practical for someone that golfs once a year to purchase one; however, if you are that golfer that golfs once a year and also has a rangefinder then that’s alright too! There is nothing wrong with being prepared. Plus you will look super cool when you pull out your fancy rangefinder while golfing with all your buddies. 

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Historical Evidence

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