Basics of Online Blackjack

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A Brief History

Out of all the weird and wonderful ways humans have tried to gamble over our several thousand year history, the game of Blackjack has got to be the most widely known and longest played. There are written records from as far back as the 16th Century indicating that this card game has been a part of our civilization for an incredibly long time.

This fact is not something that is really that surprising either, especially if you have actually had the good fortune of playing Blackjack. For a start it is rather simple to pick up, therefore meaning that you can start winning money almost right away. Another thing is that it is always played only against the dealer, something that many people prefer, and also something that makes it perfectly suited to online play. Read on for a focus on the basics of online blackjack. Afterwards, try your luck when you play at

Digging Deeper

Online Blackjack: An Overview 

So, online blackjack does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – it is an online version of the incredibly popular casino card game; however, there are some differences, the big one being, of course, that you are playing on a computer not a real life casino table. Although, that being said, online blackjack is, in most cases, made to look exactly like what you would see in a casino whilst playing blackjack. 

Instead of uttering your usual commands to the dealer – things like “Hit”, “Stand” or “Split” for instance – there are button towards the bottom of the screen where you can decide this. Similarly you also place your bets on the screen as well, just make sure you do this before you click the deal button! 

Live Blackjack   

Playing Blackjack online doesn’t just have to be a faceless and highly computerised activity though, and if this does not really seem like your cup of tea we could not recommend a good old game of live Blackjack enough. Live Blackjack is played via a video link with a real life dealer, therefore making the whole experience much more interesting. 

Playing live Blackjack can also be a bit more of a reassuring play, mainly because you are not relying on a computerised algorithm to shuffle and pick cards. If you play the game live you know that the cards are genuinely being shuffled in real life, something starkly different to standard online Blackjack. 

Pros & Cons 

Right then; the only question left to answer is why you would choose online Blackjack over going to the casino? Well, for a start it is much more practical – you could quite literally play from anywhere in the world. It is also much easier to choose the specific game type you are after, instead of wandering aimlessly around the casino hall trying to find the right table; however, online Blackjack is not exactly perfect. For a start it can seem overly impersonal and computerised, not something that will really pull you back to the game again and again. Furthermore, experienced Blackjack players will have trouble using skills like card counting because the deck is shuffled after card is taken from it. 

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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