Author: Hestie Gerber


Hestie Barnard Gerber is a freelance writer, copy editor, researcher and graphic designer. Born and raised in the culturally diverse and beautiful South Africa, her interests lie at the intersection of African history and archaeology, cultural studies, European arts and culture and ecotourism.

A Brief History On November 16, 1938, two young millworkers from Halifax, England were attacked by an elusive blade-wielding madman who became known as the Halifax Slasher.  For the next nine days the town was plunged into chaos as more women fell prey to the crazed assaulter.  Angry mobs started patrolling the streets and dealt out justice as they saw fit.  As Scotland Yard’s best arrived to assist with the investigation, the majority of the victims one by one confessed that their wounds were actually self inflicted – the Halifax Slasher in truth, never existed. Digging Deeper The extraordinary events…

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A Brief History On October 13th, 2010, roughly thirty years after the famed Rendelsham Forest incident, thousands of eyewitnesses reported seeing shiny, circular objects in the skies above New York City – validating the mass UFO sighting predicted by Stanley A. Fulham, a former NORAD officer and relatively well-known author, a few months earlier. Digging Deeper Many people scoff at the idea of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.  In fact, just mentioning the words “I believe” along with “UFOs” in the same sentence will often discredit anything else the person might have to say.  A man as shrouded in mystery…

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