The Predicted Mass Alien Sighting Nobody Expected to Happen

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A Brief History

On October 13th, 2010, roughly thirty years after the famed Rendelsham Forest incident, thousands of eyewitnesses reported seeing shiny, circular objects in the skies above New York City – validating the mass UFO sighting predicted by Stanley A. Fulham, a former NORAD officer and relatively well-known author, a few months earlier.

Digging Deeper

Many people scoff at the idea of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.  In fact, just mentioning the words “I believe” along with “UFOs” in the same sentence will often discredit anything else the person might have to say.  A man as shrouded in mystery as the topics he liked to write about, Stanley A. Fulham covered alien conspiracies, terrorism, worldwide financial issues and the 9/11 attacks.  According to the limited and varying information that is available on the internet, Stanley Fulham served in the U.S. Military, NORAD or the Royal Canadian Air force.  Though many believe the man was nothing more than a pawn or a creation of the US Government as his work often times clearly contained a lot of propaganda, he had thousands of followers and was fiercely supported by believers and UFO’ologists alike.

On 26 June 2010, in a press release, Stanley Fulham predicted that a fleet of UFOs would visit the earth on October 13th.  On that day, thousands of eyewitnesses reported seeing shiny circular discs in the air above Manhattan.  Hundreds of video clips and blurry photographs flooded the internet and shortly thereafter the FAA Westbury radar facility had to be evacuated, causing major delays at New York’s three largest airports.  The media was quick to attribute the sightings to party balloons that had been released from a nearby elementary school even though reports came in throughout the whole day.  Shortly after the event, in December 2010, Stanley Fulham’s family informed the world that he had passed away – adding greatly to the “U.S. Government pawn or creation” theory.  Whether he was a pawn or not, we will probably never know.  The fact remains that his predictions were somehow ultimately validated.

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Historical Evidence

Numerous pages can be found on the web detailing Stanley Fulham’s work and predictions. We thought these were the most reliable (bearing in mind the subject material): New York Daily News, Daily Mail and Huffington Post.

A compilation of several video clips uploaded by eyewitnesses that day:

For more information, on UFOs over New York, please read…

Dennett, Preston.  UFOs Over New York: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Empire State.  Schiffer Pub Ltd, 2008.

The featured image in this article, a photograph by _freakwave_, is licensed under the Pixabay License.

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