A Brief Understanding of Direct Marketing Approach with Apifonica

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A Brief History

In 1958, Lester Wunderman, the founder of Wunderman, Ricotta & Kline, coined the phrase Direct Marketing.  The reach of direct marketing is increasing day by day and Apifonica is the best medium which is helping in this process of marketing. With the help of this amazing tool, one can easily connect with their customers from all across the world conveniently with various channels. Apifonica is a helping tool for companies who want to build their exceptional communication with customers via SMS, voice calls, social media messaging, etc. In addition, Apifonica is also beneficial in your direct marketing approach. In this article further, you are going to know about direct marketing in detail and how Apifonica helps in this process of marketing.

Digging Deeper

Direct marketing approach

Direct marketing is an advertising or promotional method which includes presenting information regarding your company, or your company’s products and services, to the targeted customer. In this modern approach of marketing, the workload of an advertising middle man is eliminated. Direct marketing is the most targeted form of advertising which mainly presents the information related to the potential interest of the customers and to the customers which look more interested and are the likely buyers of the products and services. In other words, direct marketing allows organizations and business to directly communicate with each other.

One of the most noticeable aspects of this form of marketing is that the responses of the customers after seeing the advertisement are quite measurable. On the other hand, it is known as one of the most aggressive types of marketing which helps in growing the customer’s base. Moreover, it should be planned carefully and it is necessary to implement the plan carefully as well. There are different forms of communication included in direct marketing which are mentioned below in this article:

Types of direct marketing

The main aim

Since many of the marketing techniques are majorly applied to increase awareness about the product, or to educate markets regarding the company’s services or products, etc. But the sole goal of direct marketing is to convince the buyers to take action and buy products. On the other hand, the ultimate goal is to get the sales for the company but few customers will not get ready to buy the product on the spot. Thus, they might do the following things-

  • visit the online website of the company
  • call you for more information about the same product
  • return any postcard requesting the quote
  • enter the email address and their name
  • make the purchase, etc

Reasons for the success of a direct marketing approach

Unlike mass advertising, direct marketing is presented and targeted only to the customers who are suspected to have any need or interest in your company’s services or products and not presented to everyone. Moreover, it is done after gathering all the relevant information about them. It is one of the topmost reasons behind the success of this approach. Let us know about the other reasons in detail further-

  • you can easily make your message personal by making the recipient feel that the message is specially designed for them and this will make them important by you
  • it is a cost-effective technique in the market which targets and identify only on the likely buyers
  • On the other hand, it also has a higher return on investments. This is mainly because the probability of sales by the targeted people list is much more, to begin with
  • since its measurable, this approach uses numerous of build-in ways in order to track the ultimate success of every campaign which allows you to get better with email cycle and email mails

All the above-stated points make direct marketing as a much successful approach worldwide today.

Apifonica- SMS marketing campaign

If you want to do direct marketing via SMS then you can try doing with Apifonica which helps you to do a cloud-based communication. Text messages are a unique way of communication which does not require any extra software or working on any device. Moreover, Apifonica is an underutilized as well as strong marketing channel which can help you reach heights in the business world. In addition to this such message campaigns in Apifonica have 98 percent open rates. It has read rates incomparable to any other marketing medium. Additionally, it offers high delivery efficiency to the user’s utilizing SMS campaign features of Apifonica. It will help you in instant deliverability, increased sales rates; help you in the wide audience reach, high engagement, and cost-effective marketing, etc.

Features of Apifonica SMS marketing campaign

Apifonica SMS marketing campaign offers many features in order to help you process with your direct marketing approach. Some of the main features are mentioned below:

  • It helps in the process of 2 ways communication- motivates customers to interact with your company or business by running various types of polls or via competitions, etc.
  • it is very easy to set up– you can set up your SMS marketing campaign and broadcast it easily and quickly by the help of Apifonica message services
  • you can even send long messages– Apifonica services support 1530 characters composition in one message
  • it is really easy to integrate– they provide their specialist support 24X7
  • personalization- you can personalize your message for the recipients depending on their previous purchasing behavior, locations, demographics, etc

These were some of the features offered by the Apifonica SMS marketing campaign for the direct marketing process.

Benefits of direct marketing approach

Some of the benefits of this type of marketing are mentioned below:

  • it helps you increase the sale of your business with former or current clients
  • take the targeting and segmentation
  • your marketing budget is optimized
  • helps you increase your loyalty strategies
  • its helps you indirectly measuring the results of your advertisement
  • helps you create new business opportunities, etc

Thus plan your direct marketing approach today with the Apifonica SMS marketing campaign.

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Historical Evidence

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