6 Effective Ways To Spoil Your Cat on National Cat Day

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A Brief History

On October 29th, Americans celebrate National Cat Day!  Are you a proud cat owner? Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? This date in modern history is celebrated to raise public awareness to the number of homeless cats that need to be rescued each year. And while kitties deserve to be spoiled every day of the year, cat parents take National Cat Day as an excuse to shower their furry companions with a little extra love and affection. To help you celebrate your cat for the love and companionship they bestow upon you, here are 6 tried-and-tested tips.

Digging Deeper

1. Offer Your Cat a Way to Hunt

All felines are born to hunt. Great cat owners understand this and encourage their beloved kitties to exercise their natural instincts in a safe environment. To help your cat flex and develop their natural hunting abilities, the lifelong cat lovers at Feline Living recommend creating situations where they have to hunt for their treat or toy, sort of like a hide-and-seek game. You can also spoil your kitty with robotic mouse-like toys, cat puzzles, and treat-dispensing toys. Not only will this help your cat express their natural instincts, but it will also enrich their mental stimulation as well as their physical development.

2. Create Comfy Sleeping Spots For Your Kitty

Be it your lap or your laptop, cats are sleep experts who like to sleep pretty much everywhere. To spoil your cat on National Cat Day, provide them with more spaces to curl up and snooze around the house. Depending on your cat’s personality, there are a lot of cat beds and mats available that you can choose from. Alternatively, you can try unconventional bedding options such as flattened cardboard boxes. The most important thing is to place them in different spots, because, as you know, cats typically tend to sleep in the most peculiar places.

3. Spoil Your Cat With New Toys

The Greek philosopher Plato once said that life must be lived as play and cats seem to agree with him. Toys are both physically and mentally stimulating for cats and providing them with new toys can help keep them happy and healthy. Catnip-filled toys are a great choice for a special treat on their special day as they will encourage your kitty to play instead of nap all day. Playing with your cat will help strengthen your bond, so look for interactive toys that are fun for you and your cat alike.

4. Pamper Your Feline Friend with Treats

Cats enjoy treats as much as we do, but you probably already spoil your cat with treats on a regular basis, so to make it extra special on the National Cat Day, place a treat in your kitty’s bowl or in surprise locations where they normally roam; but be careful not to go overboard because too many treats can be harmful for your kitty. You can also treat them to catnip, but keep in mind that not all cats respond to it so if this is the case, then Silver Vine can be the perfect alternative.

5. Get Your Master Scratcher a New Scratching Post

Because they are natural hunters, cats love to groom their nails —even if their only prey are the couch cushions— and the way they do that is by scratching. However, your cat will be more likely to claw at a nearby table over a scratching post located in another room, so be sure to place at least one extra scratching post in one of their favorite spots. This way, you can keep your kitty happy while preserving your furniture, and possibly even your sanity.

6. Treat Your Kitty to a Spa-Like Experience

Never underestimate the soothing, Zen-like effect that brushing has on your cat. Most felines enjoy the rhythmic, front-to-back glide of a brush over their fur, so on International Cat Day, take the time to give them a good brush to remove loose fur and get rid of any hairballs. And if your cat is in the mood, treat them to a spa-like experience by massaging and petting them from tip to tail. And remember, a scratch behind the ears will go a long way.

As a cat owner, you already know that cats are generally charming, low-maintenance, inquisitive pets who do not require much to be happy. But if like us, you will take any holiday dedicated to cats as an opportunity to spoil them rotten, then our suggestions will come in handy. For this National Cat Day, pamper your kitty with treats, toys, and undivided attention and get ready for a day filled with furry, feline love.

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