Home Decorating 101: Modern Meets Comfort

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A Brief History

In 1957, The US National Society of Interior Designers was established.  Today, whether you are a professional or amateur interior designer or home decorator, there a ton of things to be excited about when you get a new place. It is the closest thing there it to turning a new leaf, because finding a new home is basically beginning the next chapter of your life. While there are dozens of reasons why you should be thrilled about this step, for some people, the chance to decorate the place is what it is all about. Who can blame them, when selecting furniture and paint is this much fun? While it may be quite enjoyable, it can also get overwhelming. You want to create a home décor that is a mishmash of both comfort and modern design. Here is how you can do that.

Digging Deeper

The colors

One of the most important elements of any modern home is the colors. They are the first thing that people notice, and they can either inspire, comfort and serenity or the exact opposite. This is why you need to carefully consider the color palette you’re going with, with the walls as well as the furniture. While modern design interiors are often characterized by the use of one color throughout rooms, that doesn’t mean you can’t induce some variety. If you want to go with monochromatic settings, then maybe you could furniture, pieces of different colors for that feeling of comfort and relaxation. 

The furniture 

Speaking of furniture, the pieces you get are arguably the most important element of your entire home décor. Getting the right pieces in terms of color and style is imperative for the overall look of the place, not to mention comfort –– nobody likes to sit down on a good looking couch that is uncomfortable. The problem is, furniture can be expensive, but the eames lounge chair replica proves that you can get exquisite looking pieces for a fraction of the price. You don’t need to go buy the most expensive piece out there; some reproductions offers the same level of comfort and modern elegance for far better prices. 

The lighting 

A lot of people don’t seem to understand the importance of lighting in an elegant home, and how it can be the difference between an inspiring décor and one that is bland. It doesn’t even require that much planning or spending a small fortune. You need to carefully place some light fixtures around the rooms, taking comfort and elegance into consideration. For that modern feel, opt for several light sources; repetition works like magic when it comes to lamps and spots spread out across the rooms. Ceiling lighting is invasive and should only be used for larger gatherings, but smaller offerings make the room much more cozy and elegant for everyone around. Shop around and try to find small fixtures that would elevate the style in your place. 

The floors 

Nothing speaks elegance, comfort, and modern designs like wood does. It even gives the place a natural vibe, and a natural wooden floor can go a long way into the overall style of your place. They are also very easy to clean, and they basically work with any look or changes you might make to the entire décor. It is the perfect flooring, and the great thing is you can find a lot of different natural kinds with varying colors and materials. 

Natural elements 

Speaking of natural vibes, bringing some of the outdoors in makes a lot of difference as well. When you have flowers, plants, and/or even paintings of either, it makes for a much livelier environment that is a sight for sore eyes. The windows can also be used to reveal some of the natural scenery surrounding you, which just inspires peace of mind like nothing else can.

The details count 

When it comes to home decoration, the devil is in the details. It is all about how personalized you’re going to make your place, which people notice and admire. Hang photos, add accessories and personal belongings, install a shelf with your favorite books, and put anything you’d like really. This shows people the real you, reflected in your choice of additions and accessories in the place. Even a scented candle or an action figure makes the place a lot cozier and much more comfortable.

You won’t get to decorate your home elegantly on your own from the first go. You need expert help, whether that is an interior designer or the internet. You will find dozens of resources online to help you with everything from selecting the best materials and furniture pieces to what colors go best together. Make use of those resources and create the house of your dreams. 

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