3 Great Tips to Make Your Kids Enjoy Shower Time

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A Brief History

In 1850, indoor plumbing was introduced into our homes, and the idea of showering has advanced ever since. It has been quite a journey for a shower, from a waterfall-like shower in today’s modern rain-like shower head. Even though showering is quite fun and refreshing, kids might think otherwise. If your kid happens to enjoy playing in the water and loves baths, you are so lucky! Some kids just do not like that time of the day and make a huge fuss about it; if you face the latter case, you should keep reading. We know how hard it is for you to convince your little one to take a bath while he hates it. 

There is no clear reason why kids hate bath time, but it might be that they slipped before, during a shower, or water entered their nose or eyes and hurt; it takes only one incident for a child to be turned off from water; however, there are simple ways to get your child to fall in love with showers and enjoy the baths. We tell you the best 3.

Digging Deeper

1. Turn Your Tub into An Aqua Park

When kids hear the word “bath”, all what they can think of is dreadful water that hurts so bad. That is why you need to change the concept of bath time to a fun game for them to enjoy and wait for every day. Give names to their toys and tell them that it is time to play with “Mr. Bubbly”; this toy should only be played with during bath time. You could also suggest that they make challenges for their toys; suggest that they can make a contest between two floating boats and see which one is going to be faster. Set rules to the game, like the boats need to make only small waves. You could also discover your talent as an actress and make a play using floating puppets. You will need to change your voice for every character to make it more realistic and fun; your child will be super attentive and will mimic you like a parrot.

2. Make Water Interesting

The sight of a full bathtub or a running shower can only terrify your child more if he/she hates showering, so it is better to make the water itself look interesting for them. Multiple food coloring bottles can do the trick; make a schedule of watercolors for every week. For example, you can set blue water to Sundays, Yellow to Mondays and so on. Or you could involve your child in choosing what color they want for today’s bath. You can also introduce child shower head bath toys, and even find reviews on more than one website for them, to make showering look more fun. Another way to make bath time entertaining is including bath bombs; they are classic favorites for both children and adults. When kids see fizzing colors coming out of these bombs, they get extremely excited, which can make them amused for a long period of time while you clean them thoroughly without any fuss.

3. Educate in A Fun Way

While a shower’s purpose is mainly to maintain cleanliness, it could also be used in cool instructive ways for kids. Your little buddy can learn to differentiate between colors when you use food coloring in water. You can also introduce him to simple scientific terms and make him/her notice which toys will float and which ones will sink. Since kids love role play, you can include animal washcloths in their shower routine and imitate the animal sounds. So when you use a lion-shaped towel and pretend a  lion is speaking, your kid will recognize the roaring sound and relate it to the lions. Kids also need to learn that baths or showers are mandatory to keep them clean; you can teach them this concept in the simplest method so that they would realize that it is not just for fun, rather it’s an important thing in everyone’s life. Try to teach them how to clean themselves too by guiding them without any interference until they are able to shower alone.

There are numerous other ways to turn shower time for a happy time for your kids that you don’t need to involve them in. You can make sure that your bathroom is an inviting place for your children; it needs to be colorful with cheerful curtains to make them love being in it. You can also hang some pictures of their favorite cartoon characters where they could be seen by them while bathing. You can trick your children to baths by using incentives too; there would not be any chocolates if they do not take a shower, or in case you have two kids, make a competition. Announce that whoever will not take his shower, will not get a new toy this week. We promise that if you use these tips with your kids, shower time will no longer be a problem for you.

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