Without Remorse, Relentless Action! (Movie Review)

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A Brief History

On April 30, 2021, we eagerly jumped on the release of the new Tom Clancy fiction based action movie, Without Remorse, a tale of special operations (Navy SEALs, CIA), betrayal, intrigue, and most of all, lots of fighting and killing!

Digging Deeper

Based on the 1993 Tom Clancy novel, Without Remorse, we find our hero, John Kelly, played by Michael B. Jordan, involved in a covert combat operation in Syria.  The SEAL team led by Senior Chief Petty Officer Kelly finds Russian military operatives involved where only terrorist ISIS fighters were expected.  Months later, SEALS involved in that particular operation start getting assassinated, including Kelly’s pregnant wife, who is collateral damage in the attempt on Kelly’s life, apparently by Russian special operation agents looking for revenge for the Syria operation.

We do not like to spoil movies for you, so we will stop with plot details at this point!  Suffice to say, lots of mystery, backstabbing, intrigue, political machinations, and conspiracy at high levels of government offices are involved, with major appearances by the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the CIA.  Along the way, plenty of action to keep action junkies satisfied.  Acting, special effects, and cinematography are all excellent.  Directed by Italian filmmaker Stefano Sollima, other major characters are played by Jamie Bell and Jodie Turner-Smith.  Bell plays the career bureaucrat we love to hate, and Turner-Smith plays an incredibly intense US Navy Lieutenant Commander, both roles filled about as well as is possible.

An excellent action film living up to the long and glorious legacy of Tom Clancy (author of many exciting such novels, including the Jack Ryan series of thrillers), we strongly recommend Without Remorse to all fans of Tom Clancy and the films (and video games) made from his stories.  The running time of 109 minutes goes by rather quickly.  A notable aspect of the film is the ending, which of course we will not spoil for you, but suffice to say a sequel or sequels seem inevitable.  Good!

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Historical Evidence

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