Why Choose Lace Flower Girl Dresses for Your Daughter

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A Brief History

On April 29, 2011, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place at Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom.  The challenge is indeed real when the wedding day is almost near, hence to lessen the stress brides have, some of them allow mothers to choose the best flower girl dresses along with the best accessories such as cute fascinator and jewelries that would suit their daughters well, may the dresses be in different fabrics, for as long as the girls are comfortable and they look good and fabulous.

Digging Deeper

Lace flower girl dresses are among the trendiest styles for the youngest members of the bridal party hence always one of the choices listed on the list of possibilities. Here are some reasons why moms and brides choose dresses made from lace.

  1. Vintage in style – This is one of the top reasons why lace is considered trending and a timeless style. Lace, whether it is hand made or machine made and/or especially in faded colors, would really look like they were well-maintained for years. Some colors that would enhance the display of well-preserved items would include off white color (ivory and cream), and royal colors such as shades of violet. Being vintage is not actually a choice for most brides as they wanted the newest and modern styles meanwhile for some, they value culture and treasure things from ancient times.
  2. Hard to break – Lace fabric is hard to break as the fabric is well knitted fabric, whether it is done by hand or machine. The knitting is carefully done hence it is hard to break when used on dresses.
  3. Feels good – Lace dresses can be worn during summer or winter. If you are choosing lace flower girl dresses for your girls and it is a hot and humid season, a whole-body lace dress would be nice as this would be airy and comfortable. Hence if it is cold season, it would be best to choose a dress with partial lace on it. You can choose a dress with top lace however lined to promote warmth. In addition, the lace on the dress will serve as an embellishment and enhances the exquisiteness of the dress.
  4. Elastic/Stretchy – This property of the dress makes it a good choice for flower girl dresses as children grow so fast. It is however highly advisable for mothers and brides to buy dresses months prior to the occasion date to avoid any rush hence with this, there is a possibility that the growth of the children is not well estimated even if they order dresses in bigger sizes. Being stretchy however would further provide room for allowance.
  5. Unique in style – Lace fabric is considered to be unique as it has a pattern. It may take longer to make the fabric due to its delicate pattern meanwhile this pattern enhances a dress’s charm.

Given the advantages of lace fabric, there could also be disadvantages like being easily wrinkled however it is not evident. Some lace fabrics are also transparent especially if the pattern has wide spaces, meanwhile this kind of lace can be used as an embellishment. With the given advantages and disadvantages, the priority lies still with how gorgeous the little girl and how comfortable she is while wearing the flower girl dress. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect dress for your little princess, you can also have a browse on JJ’s House, where there is a wide variety of dresses, including flower girl dresses of different styles and fabrics.

Flower girl at a wedding.  Photograph by lil’bear.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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