Which Is the Best Invitation Card Maker App for Android?

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A Brief History

In October 2003, Android Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California, by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White.  Today, the Android mobile operating system has the largest installed base of any operating system with the Google Play Store featuring over 2.9 million apps for use on Android devices, including invitation card maker apps.

Digging Deeper

An Invitation Card

Whenever you want to invite your friends or family members to some special events such as for your birthday party, wedding anniversary, pool party, graduation celebration and many more, you need an invitation card. Via downloading a free invitation maker, you can design the card as per your wish and send it directly via email, WhatsApp or Instagram. You can share it on social media as well.

Invitation Maker Application

There are many invitation Maker applications all over the internet. Via such apps, you can create invites for any upcoming event. Such an application costs you nothing for their services. You can use them on your Android, iPhone, and laptops as well. There is a variety of decorative elements along with some beautiful stickers in the collection of these invitation maker applications to decorate your invites in a sophisticated manner.

Invitation Maker Free On Google Play

Invitation maker free on google play is one of the most efficient card designing application which suits best to your android. This application assists you in designing an elegant invite for your event flawlessly in a very rapid manner on the go. You can easily install it on your android. For designing, you have to open it and select the template according to your event. You can add the background from the collection of the application or upload any of your favorite pictures from your phone as a background.

You can make your invitations more interesting and eye-catching via adding some stickers which represent your event more specifically. This free invitation maker on google play allows you to write the text and different quotations according to your event. There is a huge collection of specialized font styles as well. By following all these steps, your invitation card will be ready within a few moments.

Benefits of Invitation Maker Application

  1. With the assistance of a free invitation maker, you can create an invite as per your terms and conditions. By terms and conditions, it means that you can add designs according to your choice. There is no limitation in choosing various interesting characters to make your invites more interesting.
  2. You can remember all the important dates without any effort just by installing an invitation maker app on Google play. Therefore, it provides full support in reminding you of all the important dates of your life.
  3. You can send greeting cards to your loved ones to show them your unconditional love on their special days.
  4. When guests come over to your party, you must thank them for showing gratitude. So just install a free invitation maker to send them after party cards.
  5. Sending paper invites cost you a lot of money, and you have to spare extra time for their distribution. But thanks to the technological advancements for inventing digital invitations. Such invitation makers save your time and money on your special events. Moreover, you do not need to hire any graphic designer for this purpose if you have this application on your android phone.
  6. As in these times of global warming, we need more trees for the stability of our environment. Paper invitations require a huge quantity of paper which is responsible for the destruction of natural habitat. So these free invitation makers solve this problem efficiently by sending digital invites.

Best Invitation Card Maker Apps for Android

As invitations hold a special place in the arrangements of any event, therefore, they need to be perfect. Take assistance from any invitation maker app to design the picture-perfect card within no time on your android. Some of the best invitation maker applications are as follows. Have a look!


This app is specialized for designing any kind of poster, a banner for the advertisement, cards for inviting the guests and many more. You can easily install it on your android and use it whenever you want. Once you saved a card, you can edit it again via this application. All you have to do a login to this application.

Invitations by Designer

The tool is enough to give a tough competition to invitation maker free on google play. Its size is 25 MB only so this is the best recommendation for your android moreover it offers you numerous pre-design templates. But this tool has one limitation as compared to invitation maker on google play. For using this tool, you have to make an account.


If you fell in love with some paper made invitation cards, then without worries you can create its copy via using invitation maker free on google play. All you have to do is take its picture with your android then combine it via PDF. Now open the app to make some enhancements in this file and share it with your friends.

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