The Best Video Downloading Apps to Watch Your Favourite Movies

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Today, we ask, “How is it possible to download videos from a YouTube platform on to your Android phone?”  If it is possible, which is the best video downloading app on the Android platform? There are plenty of options, so let us figure out the best among them!  Note: This post is sponsored by Vidmate.

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Once we are outdoors we tend to carry our mobile phones with us always as the computer might be fairly large enough to carry. If you are addicted to YouTube it makes sense to save the videos offline on to your mobile phones as you can watch them offline at all times. The problem is there is no official app so as to download the videos on to your Android devices. In spite of this there are a handful of apps that have the capacity to do this and InsTube is a light weight and user friendly app on all counts.

This Android YouTube downloading app supports viewing and downloading videos from a host of sites. Even with this video downloading app in hand you can go on to download HD videos. This is done with the highest level of speed on to your mobile phones. The app is a tinge above the rest.


This is one of the popular video steaming sites and is at the forefront of the technology field. The reason being it goes on to provide resolutions of various formats. In fact it works out to be a great source of entertainment in the form of sports and other genres. With so much content available on YouTube, there would be a case where one would appeal to you as you want to watch it over and over again.

But the difficult aspect is that YouTube is not going to allow you to download videos directly. Any app on the Google play store might not allow it because it is a violation of the terms and conditions of YouTube. There are a lot of third party apps that make the task easy of downloading these videos on to your mobile phones. In fact this app falls into that category that you cannot ignore.

This app has a decent look and easy to navigate features. This Android app allows you to download videos from multiple sites. Without even open the YouTube app you can figure out the changes as just you need to copy paste the link.


Vidmate is one of the popular video downloading apps as it allows you to choose the format of your choice. Some of the popular formats that are supported by this app are MP3, MPG etc. In fact a lot more formats are being added to the app. It is not only the format but you can even decide the quality of the video that you are looking to download. For example you can go on to choose high definition videos, low quality videos and even in the range from 360 p to 1080 p.  So, install this app right now and undertake the task of downloading.

Question for students (and subscribers): Have you ever downloaded videos from a YouTube platform on to your Android phone?  Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

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