The Best of History YouTube 2019

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A Brief History

On New Year’s Eve of 2019, we look back on some of the best videos published by various history themed YouTube channels from 2019.

Digging Deeper

Please watch the playlist below for a sample of the best history themed YouTube videos of 2019.

Question for students (and subscribers): What is your favorite video from the playlist above?  Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

For an archive of past best of history YouTube playlists, please see the table below:

Click the Year for that Year's PlaylistAnnual Host ChannelOur Article Announcement
2019UsefulChartsThe Best of History YouTube 2019
2020Mr. BeatThe Best of History YouTube 2020
2021The Cynical HistorianThe Best of History YouTube 2021

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

Andrews, John and Matt Baker.  Timeline of World History.  Thunder Bay Press, 2020.

The featured image in this article was designed by History’s Who Yesterday’s Nation.


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Dr. Zar graduated with a B.A. in French and history, a Master’s in History, and a Ph.D. in History. He currently teaches history in Ohio.