Start a Clean Living with These Helpful Tips

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A Brief History

Today, what you put on or into your body can have a huge impact on your health and overall well being. If you eat poorly or engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits, your mind, body, and spirit can be negatively affected. On the other hand, adopting healthy eating and lifestyle habits can have you incredibly improve your health and overall self. Also, as they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. 

Clean living basically refers to ensuring that you avoid anything that can put harm to your health and well being.  But since there are numerous factors at play, it is never that simple to lead a clean life. Furthermore, it requires a great deal of discipline too, but it becomes as easy as 123 if you understand what’s at stake and have the right information on how to go about it. 

Here are some helpful tips you can use to start a clean living journey.

Digging Deeper

Clean eating

Diet is one of the most important things to look at as far as clean leaving is concerned. You cannot claim to be living clean without ensuring the foods you eat are free from toxic chemicals, preservatives, and added sugars. Clean eating also means cutting back on fast foods and developing a home-cooked meal regimen. Refined grains and sugars should also be a no-go zone for you. To ensure you’re not missing out on essential nutrients in your meals, pack up on leafy greens and make eating lots of fruits and veggies your sacred routine.

Be sure to regularly include avocados, garlic, seaweed, apples, cabbages, sesame seeds, beets, artichokes, and apples in your diet whenever you get the chance to. Instead of processed meats or red meat, it is best to go for oily fish such as tuna, sardines, and mackerel as your protein and fat source of choice. Whole grains should always be included in your main course and fresh vegetable juice and smoothies should be a routine. To say bye-bye to potentially harmful chemicals, go for fresh local produce wherever you go shopping for groceries. Keep your gut clean and you’ll have yourself to thank later.

Stay hydrated with clean water

It goes without saying, our bodies need a significant supply of water to keep us healthy, energetic, and properly functioning. However, drinking water is also a common source of a plethora of health conditions. From intestinal parasites to bacterial infections, the list of waterborne diseases are endless. But you’ll only get most of these waterborne issues if you take or use water that is contaminated with microorganisms and excess mineral salts (which cause water hardness). To purify your water and get rid of the hardness, the guys from say that the solution lies in installing a good water softener system in your home. Softening and purifying your water can help prevent skin conditions such as dryness, psoriasis, and eczema, as well as dry hair, which are often caused by hard water minerals. It also helps protect your appliances while allowing savings on energy consumption. To keep your gut and your entire body clean and healthy, you will want to ditch untreated tap water and resort to purified water.

Exercise regularly

The benefits of regular exercise can never be overemphasized. It is a way to cleanse your body and get rid of toxins that may have accumulated with time from normal body functions as well as external sources such as food and beverages, as well as the environment. If you’re the gym type, there’s a wide range of exercises that you can engage in so you sweat yourself out and detox. Some of these may include jogging, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, rebounding, and bodyweight exercises like pushups, rope skipping, etc. Aside from flushing toxins, exercise also makes you happier and gets rid of stress as it has a way of reducing your body’s cortisol (the stress hormone) levels while releasing the feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Take a dive into the beauty of nature

We live in an age where most of us spend dozens of hours every week confined indoors. If you are not at work or at home, you are probably stuck in traffic or in a restaurant having a drink on your way home. Once in a while, take the time to go outdoors and appreciate what mother nature has to offer while breathing in the fresh air that is free from airborne chemicals and enjoying the sun. It not only has a healing effect, but it also expands your horizon and gives you a million reasons to live clean and protect the environment.

Resort to green cleaning

Of course, living clean means keeping your house clean from top to bottom, but are your cleaning practices clean? The harsh truth is that most household cleaning agents, air purifiers, and other substances contain chemical compounds that can be deleterious to your health and the environment. According to Melinda Ratini, DO, MS, this is why you may want to consider replacing your regular household cleaners and green your cleaning with staple alternatives like baking soda, vinegar or warm water and regular soap.

We can go on and on about living clean. For instance, limiting or avoiding intoxicating substances such as alcohol or harsh skin care products will also be a plus to your overall health and wellness. All the same, the above are just a few tips on how you can kick start your clean living journey.

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Historical Evidence

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