Sleep and Mattresses

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A Brief History

Food, water and air are said to be the basic needs of a living. There are many more needs for a creature to survive. Shelter and Sleep are amongst them. Shelter or a habitat is a must to the existence of any breed. Sleep is a mandatory action, there’s no other go to avoid it or to control it. That is impossible too!!

Digging Deeper

Sleep and its importance

A human body needs sleep for brain restoration, physical restoration, growth in metabolism, drains toxins out of the body, enhances memory, heals the body and improves blood circulation and many more. So, basically a human body needs more than 8 hours of sleep according to the age constraints for a seriously healthier life. Lack of sleep leads to many disorders which affect growth, brain, heart and health vigorously. So, sufficient sleep must be a must for everybody.

Healthy Sleep 

Healthy food, good exercise and a good physical strain of the body gives us a good quality of sleep. But the stress now-a-days a human take is not satisfactory to produce a healthy sleep. One should prepare a good environment to get a good sleep.

Sleeping Environment

A room with

  • a quiet/calm atmosphere
  • relatedly cool or warm according to the weather around us
  • preferably keeping darker may help
  • avoiding electronics screen rays like cell phones or laptops on eyes before bed time
  • reading books
  • Good bed and mattresses. 

Yes of course, mattresses do matter in a good sleep. After all, you lie on it for the best part of a day as to get complete relaxation and relief from the pressure tasks and burdens. The bed and mattresses do give comfort in that peak of one’s personal time for oneself.

Choosing a mattress

Choosing a mattress is a complete personal task as it is related to one’s own choice and requirement. Requirement of a pain relief mattress is increasing as many people suffer with back pain, neck pain etc. during sleep. There are many types of mattress available in the market today such as

  • Spring or Innerspring Mattresses
  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Latex Mattress
  • Gel Mattresses
  • Water Beds
  • Air beds
  • Adjustable Beds
  • Pillow Top Mattresses 

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are usually made by a combination of memory foam and springs in a layer. The foam used in it helps to soften the bed and so moulds it to the body shape using the body heat. This enables for a comfortable bed to lay on for a longer time and a good sleep. Now, when the body heat is removed which means when the person is out of bed, the foam gets back to the original size and shape slowly but would memorize the actual body size, body shape and the sleeping position in the rest time. Hence, the foam is termed as Memory Foam.

King Foam Memory Mattresses

King Foam Memory Mattresses are bigger size mattresses and are mostly purchased as it fits in for both middle and larger sized bedrooms and completes the need of the whole family at a time and also the King Foam Memory mattresses provides Pain Relief Comfort.

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses are also amongst the popular mattress sold out. Though its functionality is same as the foam mattresses, there are many differences. Latex mattresses are made from rubber trees and so are eco-friendly. Since natural, these mattresses are less allergic and so are the best for side sleepers. Latex mattresses are firm enough to enable the spinal alignment and comfort throughout the sleep. Hence, latex mattress are the best for side sleepers.

Queen size Bed frames with headboard storages

Adding to it, more commonly is the Queen size Bed frames with headboard storages. Queen size is the next size of beds. These are quite enough for many too. Queen size bed frames with headboards are convenient, comfortable and the storage is quite useful and required hence satisfying the needs of a set of consumers.


Advancements in the mattress world are booming up. Chemical free, Pain relief, Eco-friendly, Perfume based, storage frames and many more customized patterns, designs  for mattresses are generated to enhance betterment and comfort of sleep.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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