Pillow Boxes-A Smart Way for Packaging Your Items

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A Brief History

Sometime between 5 and 23 million years ago, tree dwelling great apes began building sleeping platforms, including wooden pillows, to improve their sleep.  Today, one of the stylish, as well as elegant way to pack the retail products, is the pillow packaging. These boxes are designed in a way that creates a unique and creative style to your products. Add to this, pillow-shaped boxes are not only used for the retail packaging purposes but also for the packing of gifts and favor at different events. So, if you need a full-fledged package that is able to wow your customers at the retail shelves than these packaging solutions are suitable option for you.

Digging Deeper

On the other hand, if you dreamed to make your guests, friends, and relative impressed from your gifts pillow gift boxes are awesome choice. The style and shape of the pillow boxes bestow a naturally alluring outlook to your favors and gifts even without printing and designing. But the addition of designing enhances the beautification of the pillow packaging. before going to select your pillow box it is essential for you to understand some imperative factors of the pillow cases.

How pillow cases attract customers?

Firstly, it is the innovative shape of the boxes that are different from simple rectangular and square boxes and when display on the retail outlets look more impressive than ordinary packaging solutions.

Secondly, if you print your packaging solutions with your tag-lines, brand messages and logos it would not only create distinction but also make the recognition of your brand among your target customers. As your package has dual-factor of attraction one is its shape and other is its custom printing.

Thirdly, you can also add promotional messages and brand messages on your custom printed pillow boxes. In this way, these boxes serve you as a cost-effective advertising source. As the packaging is the first thing that communicates to the customers so add a stylish and upscale look to your packaging that makes the customer amuse about what is packed inside the magnificent box.

Fourthly, the creation of pillow cases as per your wish list. You can select the design and color scheme of your box according to your requirements as if you need a small size pillow box for the presentation of favors on your wedding than go for custom pillow favor boxes.

Material that constructs out of crowd pillow packaging:

The selection of righteous material for the production of the pillow boxes is an essential step. As the material of the box not only depends on the wish of the customer it should also depend on the purpose for which you need a pillow box. There are three kinds of basic materials that are utilized around the globe for the preparation of pillow packaging solutions.

Pillow packaging boxes made up of cardboard:

Cardboard is a paper stock material that is exclusively used for the production of retail packaging. As it is quite easy to print and mold the cardboard in any shape due to its foldable facility so this material is most favored for the making of Custom Pillow Boxes. most of customer who required a packaging solution for their retail products goes for the cardboard material. Custom pillow gift boxes are also made up of cardboard sheets and these are also available in mantellic tones like silver, gold, and bronze.

Eco-friendly material for the pillow boxes:

Kraft and other decomposable materials are also available for the customer who required eco-friendly packaging solutions; however, brown color recyclable pillow boxes are able to bestow gracious shelf appearance to your products.

High-strength pillow containers made from corrugation:

The third material is corrugation as it is made by pressing one flute sheet in between two plain sheets of corrugations this would enhance the strength of the packaging. However, this material constructs a sturdy and durable pillow box for transportation and shipping purposes. So if you need a packaging solution that grants secure journey to your products to their destination this material is suitable for you.

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