National Positive Attitude Day

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A Brief History

On June 5, 2019, we are supposed to celebrate National Positive Attitude Day, another one of those made up “holidays” so that every day of the year has some reason to exist.  So, we will attempt to honor the day by listing some of the things this author is “positive” about, though not necessarily in the sense envisioned by whomever dreamed up this festive day.

Digging Deeper

For starters, I am positive the other so called “National Days” listed for today are a waste of my time!  National Apple II Day, for example.  I have never owned or even operated an Apple II computer, so the day is wasted on this cowboy.  Global running day is also slated for June 5, 2019, and apparently most of the Democratic Party is using this as an excuse to run for President!  As for regular running, jogging, or even trotting, those days are far behind this slug, so forget it!  Not a holiday for moi.  Today is also supposed to be National Veggie Burger Day.  If ever there was an oxymoron, “veggie burger” is it!  I love real burgers and veggie burgers are not real burgers.  May as well eat cardboard.

Beyond Meat Burger dish at Zakaim restaurant in Israel.  Photograph by Ofer Kor.

I am also positive that Festival of Popular Delusions Day, also a June 5th date with destiny, is a waste of time!  Delusions are the only reason I still buy a Power Ball ticket twice a week.  Who needs a specific day for delusions?  We suffer delusions every time we vote someone into office and think this time will be different.  Same thing every time someone gets remarried.  Talk about delusional!  Supposedly the origin of June 5th as a day to remember delusions refers to the Germans in 1944, the day before the D-Day landings in Normandy when the German 1000 Year Reich became a pipe dream.  The delusion that tax cuts for the rich will somehow trickle down to the hoi polloi continues to bedevil many Americans.  Get real people!  The delusion that you or your kid can grow up to be president or rich is 99.9% predicated on whether or not you are rich in the first place.

I am also quite positive that National Hot Air Balloon Day, National Sausage Roll Day and National Gingerbread Day are all blatant attempts to recruit as many people as possible into buying those “National Day” calendars you see marked down once the year has started.  Pandering to as many people as possible is like shooting skeet with a wide open choke, hoping some of the bajillion pellets you fire will hit the target.  National Tailor Day?  Not so positive about that one.  Probably important to tailors.

Gingerbread men.  Photograph by Alcinoe at English Wikibooks.

This eco-conscientious author is well aware of World Environment Day, as each and every one of us must share the environment.  Unfortunately, I am also positive that celebrating this day will have no positive impact on our environment whatsoever.  Positive attitude, Humbug!  Even with drastic conservation measures, I am positive the growth in global population will greatly outstrip any such measures and the burgeoning human population will overwhelm all attempts to improve our environment.

Ok, so now you understand how positive this author can be.  Need more proof?  I am positive gun control does not work and is just a “feel good” phony measure to make it look like politicians are doing something, even though their proposals never have anything to do with preventing the types of crimes that spur the flurry of anti-gun activity.  Oh, by the way, I am also positive I do not care anything whatsoever about the British Royal family, their marriages, babies or anything at all.  I am also just as positive that many of you do care about such things!

The royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the annual Trooping the Colour in 2013.  Photograph by Carfax2.

Your turn: Questions for Students (and Others): What are some things you are “positive” about?  What things should other people have a positive attitude about that they often do not demonstrate?  Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

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Your readership is much appreciated!

Historical Evidence

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