Must-Have Trendy Tops for the Fast & the Fashionable in 2020

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A Brief History

Nowadays, although your wardrobe seems to be filled to the brim, on multiple occasions, miraculously, you end up feeling that you have got nothing appropriate to wear for that specific occasion. Have you ever wondered why you tend to go on wearing the same few types of attire again and again despite so many outfits hanging in your wardrobe? Like any other aspect of your life, your dressing habits usually follow Pareto’s principle that is popularly referred to as the 80/20 rule. We wear just 20 percent of the clothes we have in our wardrobe 80 percent of the time.

As per, Britons are all set to spend £2.4bn on brand new clothes for the Xmas party season in 2019 but we know that several of these outfits would be worn fewer than even thrice as per a survey. As per the Guardian, a survey by Weight Watchers exposed that collectively, in the U.K., women are used to hoarding £10 billion worth of unused and unworn clothing. From the findings, it is clear that our wardrobes are packed with too many outfits just out of your passion for new and presently-in-vogue clothes and emotional needs.

Every girl gang seems to have a heterogeneous combination of characters. The nerd, the outdoorsy nut, the groovy chick, or even the business professional, the list seems endless. Irrespective of your personality, all women have a deep passion for clothes and a love for fashion. You could be the typical jeans and tee type of a girl or a woman who enjoys experimenting; you are forever looking for beautiful and smart tops to pretty up your overall outfit. Even if you are having an exhaustive collection of trendy tops, you never seem to have enough particularly, in terms of daily wear tops.

Women usually hate to repeat their outfits. Of all fashion outfits, identifying the right top to flaunt on a specific day could prove to be a challenging and overwhelming affair. You are not at all mentally prepared to wear the same blouse or top every other day. Let us explore some types of tops or shirts that all women are fascinated about and wish to have them in their wardrobe.

Digging Deeper

Silk Cami

Whether it is a night out or a warm summer day, a silk cami could be a great way of dressing up your typical jeans and tank top ensemble. For wearing to the office or attending a cooler evening party, team it up with a smart jacket and look chic and effortlessly put together.


A bodysuit seems to be a form-fitting, one-piece outfit that would be covering the crotch and the torso. The highlighting feature of a bodysuit is the fact that it could be doubling up as an effective body shaper, even while staying chic and fashionable. You could think of teaming it with a skirt or a pair of jeans or a wraparound or for that matter any type of comfy bottoms and have great fun all day long. It is ideal for rectangle-shaped, hourglass-shaped, triangle-shaped, or even pear-shaped body. Browse through  for an accurate bra size calculator.

Bralette Top

A bralette could be used as a chic top. It is certainly shorter as compared to a cropped top; however, it is longer as compared to a bra. A bralette top seems to be above your navel. You could make a fashion statement by teaming it with smart high-waist pants and a blazer or a chic jacket to complete the unique sassy cum classy look. Bralette top is just right for pear-shaped, triangle-shaped, and rectangle-shaped body types.

Scoop Neck Tee

Every woman has a basic white top or tee-shirt in her fashionable wardrobe. A white tee is a must for both functional purposes and its high fashion quotient. You must have a scoop-neck t-shirt in your closet. Even though we know that many people prefer V-neck and crewneck tees, scoop neck tees work for every individual and are known to be universally-flattering. It has a unique appeal and could be teamed with whatever outfit you are wearing.

Structured Peplum Top

Peplum is supposed to be gathered, short, slightly flared fabric strip attached to the waist of a lady’s jacket, blouse, or dress. You could try the structured peplum top for a more formal look. This top could be quite form-flattering. People have a misconception that peplums accentuate their hips. This is not true. The truth remains that strategically placed or structured peplum tops could help in redefining your inherent body shape into an ideal proportionate or hourglass shape. A peplum top could divert the attention away from full bosoms and hips. The most flattering and ideal length for a perfect peplum is about 2 inches down your hip bones. You could look hot and sexy in a peplum top provided you team it with a pair of skinny jeans, tapered pants, or even a narrow pencil skirt.

Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt is certainly a formal work-wear staple; however, this could act as a weekend casual outfit when teamed nicely with your jeans, denim shorts, or even a skirt. This sort of collared shirts would be instilling an element of sophistication to casual clothes. You could sport a statement neckpiece and wear stunning bracelets for a chic and stylish look.

Statement Top

More often than not, many of you depend on accessories to effectively customize or personalize your outfits; however, bolder tops or blouses are the best way of standing tall among the rest. Wear a bold and beautiful statement top to flaunt your personality and style. Choose a top according to the occasion so that you could wear the perfect outfit to the right place or the right party. Your outfits must complement the party theme or overall ambiance in general. Just step out in style with a statement top.

Bardot Top

Nothing could look hotter than sporting a Bardot top. This top was the brainchild of Brigitte Bardot, the well-known French fashion icon who completely transformed the fashion game by inventing the bared shoulder look. This top is the perfect one for flaunting your shoulders. It is a chic summer top to up your style quotient.

Cold-Shoulder Top

The cold-shoulder top is the way to go. This has been in vogue since 2017 and is still gaining tremendous traction by the day. A cold-shoulder top comes with cut-out shoulders and this is why it makes you look cool and attractive. This hot and chic top adds a subtle sexy touch to the outfit and you could pair it with jeans, capris, or skirts and easily steal the show.


There are many different types of tops and blouses to make heads turn wherever you go. We could highlight just a few of our hot favorites. These blouses or tops must find a place in your wardrobe only then you could be called a true fashionista.

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