Most Powerful Long-term Backup Power to Run Key Circuits in Your Home

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A Brief History

The truth is that today, community power is never really reliable. A day without power can ruin your most superb plans in a jiffy. Again, what if you have to prepare for camping in a short while? Would you suddenly more into a stone-aged individual who has no contact with electrical appliances, including your phone and laptop?

This dilemma is why it makes a lot of sense to look out for some form of backup. So, you would not be left at sea when there is a sudden loss of current. but then, you need a backup that is reliable. Something that is readily available for use. Something like solar power. Yeah, solar energy!

Amidst the clamors for a cleaner and greener environment, renewable energy, specifically solar energy has gained popularity. The reason being its environmentally friendly nature, as well as its super-durability.

Deciding to get a solar generator is definitely not a walk in the park. With the number of products in the market, a newbie such as yourself would definitely be confused.

So, we have picked one for you – Inergy Kodiak 1,100 Watt Power generator. 

This article reviews this solar power generator, stating its pros and cons. Without keeping you waiting, here is its review.

Digging Deeper

Key Features of the Kodiak Solar Generator

  • Light-weighted: In the market, you might find manufacturers producing similar solar generators with a 20Ibs weight- or even lower. Yet, these devices are used to charge up only small devices like your tablet or phone- your computer is a no, no. What the Kodiak solar generator offers you is a portable solar generator that can power full-sized appliances like your computer, microwave, air-conditioners…The Kodiak offers you a full grasp over its handle due to its lightweight. Definitely, this fits into the definition of a back-up power-a portable means of generating energy whenever and wherever. If you are looking for a powerful, but a portable source of power for your RV or camping, look this way.
  • Powerful output: for its size and weight, a 1100W power output is a fair deal- a great deal, in fact! You know what an 1100W power output means, right? This means, you are limited to charging just your smartphones, lamps or laptop; but it can also control large appliances like TVs, mini-refrigerators, blenders, microwaves and even some washing machines.
  • Long-lasting nature of the battery: If you are thinking about durability, get the Kodiak. Here’s why: its estimate battery life is a whooping 2000cycles. This means that it can go from zero-charge to full charge 2000 times, after which its battery begins to degrade. Given that this generator won’t be your main source of power, but a backup, the battery would get low on rare occasions. Even though, we are still looking at a range of 8-10 years; during which there would not be a need for battery replacement within months’ intervals. And yeah, the solar generator uses a lead-acid battery.
  • Versatile inputs and outputs levels: There are multiple ways through which you could charge up thus portable solar generator as well as various means of drawing power from it.

First, how do you charge it? it has two ports- a high current port for charging from a car and a low-current port for connection to a solar panel. It has a 2-hour rechargeable period. So, wherever you find yourself, you can boost the power in your portable solar generator.

When it comes to releasing current, this gen is a pro- there are just too many options! First, you have six 110W AC outputs that can release up to 3000W on an initial surge and a continuous 1100 output. Next up are 2 DC sockets rated at a maximum of 15 amps each. Then you have 4 USB plugs designated for your mobile phones with a 5V and an extra RV plug rated at 125V

Aside from this, you also get a 1-year warranty after purchasing the product

To read more about the fantastic features found in the Kodiak, check out


The only major drawback of this product is its costs, but then, it is expected given its power capacity put side-by-side with its highly portable design and versatility.


It is time for a revolution- that’s if the revolution has not begun. Actually, solar generators are taking over the energy industry, which is why it is important we follow the trend as not to be left behind, but then, going for just any solar generator without engaging in proper research is really not a good idea; however, after looking through our list of benefits you stand to gain from the Kodiak- you can conclude that it is one of the best solar generators in the market. Why? Due to its high capacity!

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