Kitchen Blender – Where It All Started

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A Brief History

Nowadays, one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances has to be a blender; it is used daily to mix, purée, and liquidize different food ingredients. You can make shakes, smoothies, sauces, or any other kind of mixes that you would like. This electric device has come a long way and has seen a lot of modifications and developments over the years, but many people wonder how, when, and where it all began. 

So, here is some interesting information about a common kitchen blender.

Digging Deeper: The History of Blenders

This device was invented in 1922 by Stephen Poplawski, he was the owner of the Stevens Electric Company that was based in Racine, Wisconsin. His need for mixing different kinds of drinks and milkshakes using fruits and malts made him think of the machining process needed to achieve it. He noticed that putting a spinning blade inside a container at its base was a great idea to do it automatically, he just had to connect it to a motor and it can be operational. It took him about 10 years to get a patent for his amazing invention in 1932. But his amazing idea was inspired by the invention of an electric motor that was smaller in size compared to the traditional ones; this came to life back in 1910 and because of this amazing fractional horsepower motor, so many of the common kitchen appliances that we know today have become so mainstream.

Are There Different Container Types?

Yes, back in the older days till our times, you had the traditional glass, steel, or plastic blenders; however, the glass jar blenders were the standard models for this appliance, with millions of it sold over the years, but the reviewers at state that various manufacturers prefer making blenders with plastic containers nowadays because of its increased power and speed capabilities that are much more achievable with the plastic models. This strong change or transition has made glass models a bit scarce, but the limited glass blenders still have a strong following and they continue to develop decent ones in the market. 

The Different Developers

Over the years, Stephen Poplawski made some partnerships with another inventor called Fred Osius and an investor that assisted them called Fred Waring. Osius received a patent a year after Stephen in 1933 to protect his variation of the blender, but the design wasn’t perfect, and it had various technical problems that caused issues with the units. After the partnership dissolved resulting from issues and disagreements with different opinions of the design, Fred started working on a new version and he was behind the famous early models of “Waring Blendor” back in 1937; he preferred calling and spelling it that way. Until this day, our modern blenders wouldn’t have seen the light of day thanks to these three innovators. 

The Three Distinctive Blenders in The Market

Each one of these appliances has different perks and features, choosing one depends on your preference and uses. Here is an in-depth look at what blenders have become thanks to the three pioneers who developed it: 

  • Portable Bottle Unit: 

One of the most modern units created and people love it because it can easily be taken anywhere you go, making it highly convenient for people with busy schedules. The blender has a charging plug and you can use batteries to operate it with ease, preparing some of the best blends and shakes on the move and using it as a beverage bottle when it’s done.

  • Hand Unit: 

This model has many different names, from immersion, stick, or wand blenders. The blades start working once you place your hand on the open-top, controlling when to stop blending your ingredients as you see fit. A simple and efficient design that attracts a lot of people who love making their morning shakes.

  • Countertop Unit: 

It is one of the most commonly used blenders that are bigger in size and has a strong, durable motor for its big base; it comes with different button features that lets you control the speed and power of its blades. Most models come with two detachable containers, making you pour your freshly made shakes easily when you are done.

We all have one or two of these amazing machines that save a lot of effort and time, preparing most of your favorite drinks and foods easily whenever we want. Depending on your needs, budget, and blender capabilities, you can get one too and enjoy the perks that come with it. You have various blender models to choose from, so make sure you choose the best one with the right features for you. 

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Historical Evidence

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