January 5, 2000: UFOs Sighted Over Illinois By Multiple Police Officers!

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A Brief History

On January 5, 2000, witnesses, of whom  at least 5 were police officers, observed a triangular UFO over the American state of Illinois.

Digging Deeper

Digging deeper, we find an incident where witnesses from several different cities reported the same thing, a huge black triangle shaped UFO flying at low altitude.

Among the many witnesses were 5 police officers from various jurisdictions.  Although many readers may think that the police are not any more truthful than other people, consider how important it is to the officer that other people do not consider him a nut of some kind or a liar.  This aspect of the flying triangle sightings gave the incident more credibility than many other incidents and spurred many researchers to investigate the event.

All this attention resulted in a 2 hour TV special on ABC (Seeing is Believing), a Discovery Channel Documentary (UFOs Over Illinois), and provided the subject for an episode of the TV show Proof Positive.  Additionally, an independent researcher named Darryl Barker produced his own documentary, The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO January 5, 2000.  Obviously, this remarkable incident has also spawned numerous articles and references to it.

The phenomena of UFOs shaped like black triangles has been widespread, with numerous other incidents, especially in England.  Have you seen any?

Historical Evidence

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