How to Behave With a Girl in a Public Place

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A Brief History

As soon as snow begins to melt in the streets, cats begin to sing their love songs and the sun more and more reluctantly leaves the sky, crowds of loving couples appear on the streets. Unfortunately, they sometimes behave as if they have a form of dementia and exhibitionism at the same time. In order not to be the same, read our small guide.

Digging Deeper

Hugs and Kisses

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O’Neill kiss each other post their wedding, 2013

This is the main and most urgent issue. People’s opinions are divided into two parts: some consider it indecent, others – quite a pretty spectacle. Among the first are those who believe that decent people do not expose their feelings, and in general, there is nothing good in crossing tongues ​​in front of other people. And there are those who are just envious because the only thing they ever kissed is Grandma’s cheek.

Of course, we are among the tolerant and so we do not think that there is a need to stop showing our feelings publicly. But there is such a strange thing as etiquette, and according to the rules of etiquette, people should not be kissed gratuitously in public at least because to engage in something intimate (and a kiss is a strictly intimate matter) is not always accepted in public. In our opinion, there is nothing unnatural in this, let them kiss, if only not in the middle of the sidewalk. But the fact is that many people do not like this behavior. And you must deal with it since you live in society.

Choose embraces or at least cautious kisses, you do not need to eat each other’s faces. Step back to a less prominent place or walk in the evenings, when, except for hooligans and policemen, there is no one around. In the end, no one canceled kissing in theaters. Kissing on the first row – it’s indecent, but at the last – a common thing.

In a Public Place

Inside of the StartupBus

Public transportation is also a place where there are people. There is also no need to eat saliva of each other on the local bus or train. By all the rules, you, like a real gentleman, must give way to the lady and stand, bending over her, listening to her stories.

If you just started dating and you can not spend one minute without contact with each other, sit next to her, hug her and start a conversation on an abstract topic. Better yet, buy a special headphone adapter so that you can listen to the same music together. This will give you the opportunity to interact and not irritate others with your actions.

In company

Ball of City of Vienna (1900)

Many men have a problem: this is how we behave with a girl in society, unlike chatting with a single girl. For example, we introduce her to our friends. Do not forget that you have to introduce her. And do not immediately irrigate her with compliments, as from a watering hose, you did not come to the exhibition of the name of your love. Yes, this is a kind of presentation, but it will be better to do without voice-over text.

The most disgusting thing in a joint sit-round is when some bastard starts to give off indecent jokes about his lady. This is at least mean and inappropriate. There is nothing funny in this, and the only thing that you will achieve is a confirmation of your honorary title of “moron.”

Publicly criticizing or pointing out a lady’s mistakes, too, is not worth it. If something is embarrassing in her behavior, tell her in her ear. If the lady began to behave in an inappropriate way, like Madonna at a particularly raunchy concert and does not understand English, do not rush to beat her, better take her aside and talk to her seriously. If after that she makes a scandal, just walk away.

But remember, in order to correct your girl’s behavior, you need to also behave in worthy manner and do not go too far, especially in a new company for her. The girl needs help to settle.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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