8 People Donald Trump Possibly Admires

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A Brief History

During the recent Republican National Convention supporter of Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, pointed out that Hillary Clinton has as a mentor and admired person, Saul Alinsky, a counter culture radical from the 1960’s.  Clinton wrote about Alinsky in her college Thesis, invited him to speak at Wellesley, and was offered a job working for the rascal.  It seems Alinsky has made references to Lucifer (the devil himself) and preferring to go to Hell instead of Heaven, which in Republican eyes makes Hillary Clinton logically a supporter of Lucifer.  (Note: Barack Obama was also denigrated for ties to Alinsky back in 2008.)

Digging Deeper

Well, Donald Trump has made a few references of admiration himself to various notable persons, and here we list 8 of those people that apparently Trump admires.

8.  Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, Conqueror. 

In the same television ad as Napoleon, Trump compares himself to great men, including Alexander who was a renowned conqueror and self-appointed divine being.  Trump picks only the finest of History’s leaders to compare himself to!

7.  Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French.

In spite of being treated by some historians as the Antichrist (before they knew Hitler), Napoleon is more likely one of History’s great men with more books written about him than any other person in History except Jesus Christ.  Trump compares himself to Bonaparte (and Alexander the Great) in a commercial he made for Pizza Hut.

6.  Adolf Hitler, German politician. 

Although Hitler is mostly remembered today for his role in World War II and the Holocaust, Hitler earned Donald Trump’s admiration for der Führer’s stirring speeches, which according to Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, Trump kept copies of beside his bed.

5.  Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist Dictator.

Known as Il Duce, Mussolini ruled Italy with an iron fist until World War II went badly for the Italians who turned on their beloved leader and unceremoniously murdered him.  Trump did not express any deep understanding or admiration for the guy, but just quoted a famous Mussolini saying, which again, in all fairness is a catchy quotation that even we admit we like: “It Is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”  Still, any connection with this buddy of Hitler is sure to draw criticism.

4.  Saddam Hussein, deceased Iraqi Dictator.

While Trump acknowledges that Hussein was a “Bad guy”, Trump still expresses admiration for how the Iraqi dictator kept terrorists out of Iraq and under control.  Actually, in this case we agree!  Under Hussein, Islamic terrorists had no haven in Iraq and our invasion of the place was a catastrophic blunder that made Iraq the seedbed for ISIS and a resurgent Al-Qaeda.

3.  Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

The Trumpster has praised Russian strong man Putin off and on for some time now, admiring his strength and leadership, claiming Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama.

2.  Michelle Obama, First Lady. 

After bashing the daylights out of President Obama and his terms as President, Trump was more complimentary to First Lady Michelle Obama when he praised her speech delivered at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  “I thought her delivery was excellent,” he said, “I thought she did a very good job.  I liked her speech.”

1.  Hillary Clinton, Democratic Nominee for President.

Yes, in the past Trump has spoken highly of his opponent that he now castigates as worthy of being locked up in jail and a danger to the safety and security of the United States.  Trump supported Clinton in her first bid for President in 2007 and in 2012 said of her, “Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman.  I like her and her husband both a lot.  …I think she works really hard and I think she does a good job.  I like her.”  What happened?!

Question for students (and subscribers): Who do you admire most from history?  Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

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Historical Evidence

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