Headlines: April 8, 2016: Hired Protesters Latest Tactic of “Black Lives Matter” Et al

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A Brief History

Somewhere along the way Americans have lost their love of liberty, free speech, and democracy, and many are attempting to replace these cherished values with mob rule and bullying tactics.  Once thought to be a technique used by right wing conservative groups such as Nazi’s, Fascists, and the KKK, this lynch mob mentality has now infected the political left as well.

Digging Deeper

The latest trend in politics is to disrupt your opponents’ speeches and rallies by disorderly protest and disruption, even going so far as to grab the microphone from the speaker.  Liberals are not immune to this shameful practice, as Hillary and Bill Clinton have both been upstaged by Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters, somewhat ironic considering the long devotion of the Clinton’s to African-American issues, even to the point of Bill Clinton being called “The First Black President.”

Hillary was somewhat shocked and taken aback, with her speech interrupted for 30 minutes, but Bill, ever the feisty warrior, snapped back with his own retorts about black lives being taken by other black people and the seemingly indifference to that situation by the BLM movement.

Bernie Sanders, the self proclaimed “Socialist” has also suffered such disruption.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Donald Trump has suffered numerous attempts to disrupt his speeches and rallies, and the icing on this cake is that these protesters of the Clintons and Trump are in some cases hired mercenaries!  It seems Craig’s List has been used to recruit paid “protesters” to disrupt opponents’ political functions, a dangerous and ominous practice.

Peaceful protest is one thing, but seriously, paying protesters?  How lame can you get, and how undemocratic?  If a group wants to be taken seriously and treated with respect, perhaps a better technique would be to act with some seriousness and class to retain some credibility.  We are not optimistic!

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Historical Evidence

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