Discover the Top Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Good for Your Health & Overall Well-Being

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A Brief History

A recent ‘bedroom poll’ and a global survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, has come up with interesting statistics. One out of every three adults sleeps in their birthday suit. It is quite natural for people to prefer nude sleeping as it keeps you cooler and comfortable at night; however, many of you would be surprised to know that it is regarded as a healthier habit to sleep that way every night. Consider improving your health simply by taking off your clothes while enjoying a peaceful and restorative sleep at night. Let us discover some amazing and unexpected health benefits of sleeping naked at night.

Digging Deeper

Enjoy Better Sleep Quality

You are more than prepared to experiment with many things just to ensure that you would be getting a fulfilling night’s sleep right from modifying your dietary habits to reducing your caffeine intake. Good quality sleep is supposed to be great for your brain. When you sleep well, your brain would be eliminating toxic proteins that are supposed to be the by-products of your neural activity while you are awake. If you are experiencing inadequate sleep, your brain is unable to get rid of all those protein toxins from your brain cells. This wreaks havoc and ends up impairing your cognitive performance and the ability to think; however, as per researchers conducting a relevant study at the University of Amsterdam seemed to have identified the most effective way of ensuring a peaceful sleep. Reducing your overall skin temperature is the way to go if you are looking for a cooler and healthier sleep. Many of you feel very warm and sometimes suffocating while sleeping at night. You often wake up in a sweat and deliberately kick off the quilt for cooling down. The easiest way of enjoying sleep and keeping cool is to take off your pajamas and relax while sleeping. You must think twice before using excessively heavy quilts at night as they are not at all conducive to a peaceful sleep at night.

Sleeping Naked Helps in Stress Reduction

As per, we all understand that prolonged tension and excessive stress could be bad news. It would be suppressing your immune system and increases manifold your risk of getting obesity, depression and even heart disease. It adversely impacts your overall cognitive performance. Your cortisol levels would go haywire due to prolonged stress. Proper rest and sound sleep are essential for restoring normal cortisol levels. Sleeping naked would help you in getting a good night’s sleep. This is one of the top reasons why sleeping naked is good for you.

Boost your Beauty & Stay Young Forever

Feeling cool and comfortable while sleeping is the best way of getting a restorative sleep. When you sleep in warm conditions, it could be quite uncomfortable and pretty tough to get some rejuvenating sleep. The warmth is known to disrupt the smooth release of certain anti-aging hormones especially melatonin. So it is high time you got into the habit of sleeping nude for getting some great beauty sleep.

Time to Lose Weight

As per the research reports published by the U.S National Institutes of Health, if you keep your body cool while sleeping, it encourages your body to produce more brown fat. We know that brown fat would help in effectively burning calories that would help in boosting your body’s overall metabolism rate. If you are sleeping under heavy blankets or fully-dressed, you are obstructing the release of IHG or the growth hormones that help in repairing skin, muscles, and bones.

Conclusion: Great Opportunity to Fortify Your Bond with Your Partner

Establishing skin to skin direct contact with your spouse would help in the smooth release of oxytocin, the happiness hormone. Some of the amazing advantages of oxytocin are that it could assist in alleviating depression and stress, reducing blood pressure, and treating gut inflammation. All these benefits cannot undermine the role of oxytocin in boosting the overall quality of your sleep. Sleeping in your birthday suit surely helps in promoting good health, happiness, and overall well-being.

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Historical Evidence

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