December 26, 1986: What is National Whiners Day? (Hint, It is Today!)

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A Brief History

On December 26, 1986, a new National Day was declared in “honor” of the most serious of the whiners in this fair land.  The man behind the plan was Rev. Kevin Zaborney, who also created a National Hugging Day (January 21st).  See the link at the end of the article for his website.

Digging Deeper

Zaborney named Donald Trump the Most Famous Whiner of 2015, apparently largely due to this actual Trump quotation while being interviewed by Chris Cuomo.  According to Mr. Trump, in his own words, “I do whine because I want to win, and I’m not happy about not winning, and I am a whiner, and I keep whining and whining until I win.”  In 2016 Kevin tabbed the makers of Tobelrone, delicious Swiss chocolate treat who whined about their rising costs forcing them to reduce the size of their candy.  Zaborney’s site lists other “winners/whiners” of the past 30 years on his site, and even some historic celebrity whiners.

Which brings us to 2017!  Without waiting for Rev. Zaborney to tell us his pick, we would like to discuss a few of our own.  For starters, there is Hillary Clinton, failed presidential candidate that cries to anyone who will listen that the Russians, Jim Comey and the Trump campaign stole the election from her.  All that may well be true, but the whining is driving us nuts!!!  Hey lady, you and your people had something to do with blowing a virtually sure thing, so “man” up and own your own mistakes.  Sheeesh!  Here is some advice, Hil-Dog:  Never ever laugh in public.

It makes you sound like a fiend or something.  Also, never ever raise your voice, no matter how much you want to excite a crowd.  You only sound shrill and it’s like fingernails on la chalk board.  (I am just saying…)

Donald Trump absolutely deserves a place on the list of 2017 whiners, as he rarely if ever passes up a chance to tell whatever audience he has the “fake news” media is being mean to him.  Meaner in fact, than any person in history.  No Donald, you egotistic narcissist, plenty of other people have gotten slammed in the media, many worse than you.  You won!  You are not supposed to whine!  STOP IT ALREADY!  The Donald also whined mightily when the Congress failed to repeal Obamacare, casting blame everywhere but his administration, even though he to this day has not offered one iota of advice about what to change to replace the maligned health care program.  Didn’t he promise us better and cheaper health insurance that would be accessible to more people?  Did he think this would happen by magic?  (Yes, he did.)

You know who did not whine?  The Cleveland Cavaliers that got schooled by the Golden State Warriors a year after the Cavs up-ended those smug ballers from the Bay.  Good for you, non-whining Cavs!

Another notable group of whiners are the owners of the NFL teams, whining about how their television viewership is declining and whining about what to do about the players taking a seat or a knee during the National Anthem.  You know guys, any other business can tell their employees what to do and wear while working, and so can you!  All you had to do is acknowledge their right to protest when they are not working in the team uniform!  This chicken feed attempt to mollify the public by keeping the players in the locker room during the Anthem is backfiring.  The players’ contract says they will be on the field standing for the Anthem.  You couldn’t enforce the contract?  How lame can you get?  If you are going to make a mockery of the National Anthem, why don’t you all just skip it?  There is no law that says you have to play it before games, after all.

How about all the whiners that cry about not having a decent candidate to vote for in every darn election that comes up?  We heard plenty of that in the 2016 Presidential election and we are still hearing it in 2017 a year later!  Wow!  How about one year at a time?  Plenty of whining in Alabama about the special Senatorial election that pitted an accused pedophile against a Democrat.  The whining did not stop in Alabama, as much of the country got in on the whine-fest.  The loser of the race, Roy Moore, whined about his loss and refused to concede the election.

Question for students (and subscribers): What whiners of 2017 would you like to tell us about?  (Is whining about whiners making us whiners???)  We are sure you have plenty of people to mention, so share your thoughts with all our readers in the comments section below this article.  Oh, and quit whining!  (I’ll give you something to cry about! I learned that one from my Dad.)

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Historical Evidence

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