Author: Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. His work has appeared on large gun publications like The National Interest, Daily Caller, ODU Magazine, American Shooting Journal, SOFREP, and more. In his free time, he reviews various optics and guns on his Scopes Field blog.

A Brief History In 1952, the .308 Winchester was introduced, just two years before the NATO adopted the 7.62x51mm NATO T65. Winchester branded the cartridge, introduced it to the commercial hunting market, and shortly after, it became the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge worldwide. I delve more into that later, but for now, some of you might be thinking: what is the best scope for 308?  Ask the Swedish. We actually did not know the Swedes use a .308 scope until one American’s journey to Ikea’s homeland. Digging Deeper It all began when an American hunter journeyed to Sweden,…

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A Brief History By statute enacted on October 31, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson was authorized to take possession of various territories ceded by France to the United States of America in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase.  In the swamps of Louisiana, there roams, in the shallow depths, a modern-day dinosaur: the Louisiana Crocodile. For years, this beast plagued the lands of Louisiana, claiming a few noble Louisianan lives until a group of knights — the Cajuns — became fed up. They called themselves ‘Swamp People’. And with a group of fresh Cajun recruits, the Swamp People armed themselves…

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