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Josh Cobbe

Hi, this is Josh Cobbe, blogger, dog breeder, and dog food advisor at Petdogplanet. He spent his early years in the Los Angeles area before attending McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for his undergraduate training in biology, ecology, and environmental sciences.

A Brief History At least 2,000 years, people began to care at least in part for dog’s nutritional needs.  Dogs have such a different digestive system than humans.  It indicates that some foods can be unhealthy or even very harmful for dogs that are safe for humans. Dog food is food that is specifically designed for dogs and other similar canines to eat.  Like all carnivores, dogs have long, pointed teeth and small digestive tracts that are better suited to meat consumption than vegetables. Given this inherent carnivorous nature, dogs have managed to adapt to live on meat and non-meat…