August 3, 2018: Today is International Beer Day!

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A Brief History

On August 3, 2018, just as on every first Friday in August, we celebrate International Beer Day. In fact, here in History and Headlines Land, we celebrate International Beer Day everyday! For those readers that are underage, teetotalers, or lightweight non-hackers, forget this important holiday and go right to National Watermelon Day, which is celebrated on August 3 each year. For that matter, so is Grab Some Nuts Day, a holiday favored by squirrels everywhere. Today is also Airplane Crop Duster Day and Pie Day. We think Pie Day is the more important of those last 2 days named.

Digging Deeper

On International Beer Day Americans are reminded of all those great imported beers readily available now that just about every gas station and grocery store carries an incredible assortment of imported beers. Not to be neglected, the United States is no longer a collection of Budweiser guzzling Neanderthals with no discriminating taste in beer, for there are also a bajillion really great American craft brews available. In fact, micro-breweries have sprung up all over the country, producing some darn good varieties of local beers. When this author was a lad, you could only find Coors out West, but by the 1980’s that great brand spread all over the land. Likewise, Yuengling, the oldest brewer in the United States, is now available over a wide area, which coincidentally happens to be the author’s favorite American beer. Samuel Adams runs a close second, and the beers produced by Crooked River Brewing in Cleveland are also darn good. Britain celebrates National Beer Day on June 15, probably just to be different. (Brew-xit?)  For those Americans too much embroiled in Making America Great Again to drink foreign brew, the American version of the beer holiday, National Beer Day, is celebrated on April 7. We generally think of beer during hotter months, but perhaps April was picked in celebration of Winter coming to an end. Who knows? For a beverage that dates back about 11,500 years ago, maybe we should have a National Beer Day every month. I would.

Egyptian wooden model of beer making in ancient Egypt, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, California

Getting back to those who eschew drinking alcoholic beverages, there are now a myriad of non-alcoholic beers available, many of which are pretty good. Price does not necessarily indicate good taste, as my personal favorite non-alcoholic brew is Busch NA. What is yours? (If in fact you stoop to drinking a non-alcoholic product.) There are also some fine Root Beers out there, not just the mass market kind but craft made soda pop Root Beer as well. (Not to mention “diet” types.) Plus, a favorite of ours is Birch Beer, and for others there is Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale as well. You see, there really is no excuse for not celebrating International Beer Day!

Please see our other Beer related articles, “April 23, 1516: German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) Signed in Bavaria,” “January 10, 2015: The Great Mozambique Crocodile Bile Beer Poisoning,” “June 4, 1974: 10 Cent Beer Night Riot (Indians vs. Rangers),” “June 15, 2017: Happy National Beer Day!” and “December 31, 1759: 10 Greatest Beers.” Then feel free to tell us how you spend International Beer Day and/or provide suggestions on how others should celebrate this important holiday. Also tell us what your favorite beers are, foreign and domestic.

This image depicts the official logo of International Beer Day.

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Historical Evidence

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