5 Unique Gifting Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

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A Brief History

Valentine’s Day might be gone but since it was a weekday, many people have not gotten the chance to celebrate it, thus the celebration being pushed at the weekend; however, it is not as if you have to wait for this special day to gift someone your love and affection, because really, what is a much better symbol of affection than gifts and presents? You can, instead, give it whenever you feel like it. Given below are some of the most meaningful gifts that you can incorporate in your celebration. Your partner is bound to be surprised at your thoughtfulness and love that you shower through these gifts. Check out some amazing gifting ideas from Michaels available at 20% off on online and in-store purchases.

Digging Deeper

1. Create your own love storybook or comic:

First is a sort of a DIY gift, where you will have to work your charm off on a simple blank notebook. If you are looking for a premium quality art supplies to use in this DIY, then Michaels is the store for you. They have a lot of offers and deals going on, which you can take full advantage of. If your partner is someone who loved such expressions of love, then the photograph-filled, cute-messages-decorated book or comic is the way to go!

2. Rainbow roses go with every gift:

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any kind of celebration, especially roses. Instead of taking just one rose, however, you can use all of the roses to make them look like a bunch stolen from a rainbow. There is something really special in flowers and gifting them to your partner – use that when it comes to choosing a gift. Yellow, pink, red, even black, every rose is unique and bringing them together would be even cooler and oh so much more romantic.

3. Handmade brass or copper necklace:

If you are okay with making jewelry by yourself at home, then this option is just for you. Or better yet, there are many jewelry makers and shops that will make it readymade for you. Here, we will be focusing on brass or copper jewelry, especially necklaces. From fandom necklaces to some unique shapes – you can choose whatever your partner would love to wear! You can also get matching necklaces for each other.

4. Bracelet with pendants describing your love story:

Bracelet with pendants is something unique to gift your partner to. It is actually inspired by the bracelet used in the movie ‘If Only’. The pendant would tell your love story right from the beginning till the end. A completely authentic present, it will really warm your partner’s heart. I am pretty sure your partner is going to wear this accessory day and night long.

5. Snow globe:

Giving your partner the romantic feels with this snow globe is a great choice. These actually become a perfect Christmas gift, but if you personalize them to your needs and preferences, it can surely become one of the best Valentine’s Day or a romantic gift even. You can also make it at home – all you need is some Styrofoam, glitter, fake snow, fake snow/confetti, craft glue, and ribbon. Get everything in an offer price from Michaels and you’ll be good to go!

There are other gifts that are as unique as the ultimate five gifts mentioned above.

  • DIY Pillow Case:

Pillowcases actually constitute to be a romantic gift – who would have thought? If you guys are couch potatoes, binging shows and movies whenever you have the time, then pillows and DIY pillow cases becomes the best gift for your partner. There are letter stencils, fabric markers, stickers – and whatnot – that you can use to decorate a simple pillowcase into a colorful, romantic and loving one.

  • Memes mug:

Mugs and cups are the mainstream choices, however, mugs with memes etched on them are something funny and yet beautiful, especially if your partner is into memes and other related things. Or better yet, you can portray all your love story on a mug, or maybe more than one mug – this way, you will be documenting each and every moment of your life. You can also do DIY mugs if you are adept in glass painting; or else, you can also customize it from a shop or order it online.

  • Small survival gift:

Living in this fast-paced life can become stressful, making you irritated and anxious and therefore, giving them a survival kit not only makes it romantic but also a necessity. It doesn’t have to be that kind of a classic basket, complete with skincare products and everything. Rather, you can keep anything that can literally ‘help’ your partner survive this hellhole called life.

  • Scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunts are actually quite creative and will bring more fun into your relationship. If you are planning on giving something like a puppy or a kitten, then you can plan an elaborate scavenger hunt for them to reach this destination, i.e. cute animals. Let them know in advance what you are planning to keep as a gift at the end, so as to make them as excited as you are for them to find it.

  • Breakfast in bed:

As talked before, work and life, in general, can be hectic. Giving your partner breakfast in bed is probably the most romantic thing to do because really, taking out some time from your busy schedule and spending a few intimate moments, even if while having breakfast together, can work wonders for your relationship. Don’t try to bring it from the food shop though; just try to make it all by yourself. It will be much more appreciated, believe me.

The gifts given here are easy to make and simple enough to not take much of your time and energy; however, they are certainly capable to make your partner feel special, loved and appreciated. A lot of offers are in full swing around the world, offline as well as online, and it will be a shame if you do not take advantage of them in order to get the best present of all!

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The featured image in this article, a photograph by kaboompics, is licensed under the Pixabay License.


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