5 Steps to Cope with a Traumatic Motorcycle Accident?

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A Brief History

Nowadays, every time you hit the road, you are taking a huge risk. There are so many things that could go wrong, and there are so many risk factors that are completely out of your hand. It is bad enough when you’re involved in car accidents due to the negligence of other drivers, but the risk becomes on a totally different level if your preferred motor vehicle is a motorcycle. 

A motorcycle accident can be deadly for the motorist. When it’s not, the physical damage that the injured motorist sustains can last them a lifetime. But the worst part comes with all the psychological trauma that the motorist endures after the accident, whether it’s due to trauma from the accident itself or from the injuries they’ve sustained. Coping with a traumatic motorcycle accident is certainly difficult, but it is not impossible. 

Here are the 5 steps that could help you get through this rough patch:

Digging Deeper

Face the situation

You have every right to be traumatized and feeling the way you are feeling, and you should not let anyone rush you into coping with  you situations. Different people find different ways to cope with their traumas, but you should know that there are healthy ways to do so and there are destructive ways. Running away from the situation, trying not to think about it, or finding any means to escape whatever is happening are some of the most destructive ways to cope with it. Instead, no matter how hard and overwhelming it will be, you need to find a way to face the situation. That’s the only way you will be able to move past it.

Take legal action

Facing the situation does not mean to be dormant and let everything be the way it is;. You have been wronged and you should preserve your rights. At least, you do not have to endure the medical expenses and rehabilitation costs on your own. In such accidents where the jury is often biased against motorists, you’ll need to seek the help of an experienced lawyer to back up your case. This is a common experience that the professional lawyers at Stewart Law Offices have witnessed firsthand, over and over again. It takes a lot of effort and experience to build a strong motorcycle injury claim, and you’ll need all the help you can get to preserve your rights. 

Seek counselling

It’s good to know that your rights are preserved; this leaves room to start addressing the emotional trauma you are going through. It is pretty common for individuals who were injured in motorcycle accidents to develop a lot of psychological trauma. They can start experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which keeps playing the details of the accident over and over in their minds. They can start experiencing panic and anxiety attacks, interfering with their daily activities. Even the rehabilitation process can result in many mixed feelings of anger and depression. It’s necessary to seek counsel from a specialized therapist to guide you through your feelings. 

Understand your feelings

With the help of a therapist, you will come to understand your feelings better. You might start feeling bouts of irrational emotions that you cannot explain. You will feel angry and you will take it out on the least of things, which could make you start to feel guilty. You’ll feel wronged and helpless. You may start comparing your current situation to your life before the accident. It’s essential that you understand all your feelings and why you’re experiencing them. That’s the only way you will start learning how to deal with them properly. 

Accept the change

This is probably the last thing you want to hear right now, but accepting change is the only thing that will set you free. In the middle of all the confusion you’re feeling right now, you are angry at life and you’re refusing to accept the fact that such a terrible accident had to happen to you – of all people. But resisting your current situation will only make it worse. It is true: what you have faced is unjust and unjustified. But this is your life right now, and focusing on “what should’ve been” instead of “what is” will keep you stuck there forever. You need to break free. 

Motorcycle accidents can result in many physical and psychological complications. The patient will keep replaying the memories of the accident, and the more they try to follow their treatment regimen, the more they will be reminded by what happened. They get worse or they try to run away from it all. Instead, they should face their situation and take legal action right away. Afterward, they need to seek counseling to help them understand their feelings and accept the change. 

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