Why Metal Detecting is the Ultimate Outdoor Hobby in 2019

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A Brief History

In 1974, Roy Lloyd, a metal detector enthusiast, managed to find a high school class ring that had the initials “M.B” engraved. The ring was buried deep down a four inches lake of sand. He then found “Miles Baker” whom the ring belonged to. The ring had been lost for over 45 years before it got reunited with its owner. That shows how metal detecting is an important hobby before it ever became interesting or fun.  

Metal detectors have come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell first invented them in 1881 to locate an assassin’s bullet lodged in President James Garfield’s body. By the 70s, they were only meant to be used for security checks at airports and other crowded places, but quickly after that, people saw how this invention could be used in a fun activity. Mark Smith wrote an important book on this subject entitled Metal Detecting – A Guide to Mastering the Greatest Hobby in the World. This book showed why metal detecting is an interesting and fun activity. There are other reasons why metal detecting is now trending as the ultimate outdoor hobby in 2019.   

Digging Deeper

The Hobby Pays Back 

This hobby can pay back for itself. The time and amount of money that you put into finding the best metal detector or a solid mid-range detector like the AT Pro gives you back great benefits. People think that metal detecting enthusiasts only find aluminum cans and soda caps, but many amateurs have made great discoveries. You never know what your next find’s worth. Whether it is in your backyard or anywhere else, treasures are just waiting to be found; from a small box of coins for a lost wedding ring, but these discoveries will never be made until you pick the right metal detector and start hunting. 

Say Goodbye To Boredom And Stress

Other than the fact that this hobby forces you to spend some time outside and to get fresh air, it also forces you to all forms of exercise that will help you in fighting stress and boredom. You will be walking and digging up some finds. The thrill of looking for a treasure has been innate in mankind. Humans managed to find many great treasures that had led to the beginning of civilization and long-term survival. Expect to constantly be in dynamic situations outside your home with the smell of grass or sand carried by cool and hot breezes.

Outdoors Knowledge

You might hear about metal detecting as a hobby and roll your eyes or laugh, but it is an addictive and enriching hobby. Even if you are not interested in knowing your area before, metal detecting will add a lot to your knowledge. You will be inspired to learn more and read about the area you are living in, and finding out more about historical accounts. When your hobby includes being in the outdoors, you will start gaining a lot of knowledge and experience throughout the process. You will be inspired to research any area you visit as you will be inspecting it constantly for different treasures. Knowing history is quite the benefit of this hobby; even if you’re not a history fan, you will find yourself learning about historical accounts as it will lead you to know where to look for. Imagine finding a relic and then go into your local library to know exactly what it is. You would be surprised by what you can find.

Meeting New People 

Getting to know more people is always amazing and interesting. This hobby opens up the opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests just like yourself. You will get to make new friends who share your passion; people will be interested in finding out about your greatest discoveries, your tips and tricks, and all the knowledge you gained in metal detecting and vice versa. This will open a window for interesting conversations that will bring you and others closer. It is a great chance to make friends who you will have many things in common with. 

Great hunting clubs are popping up all over the world to provide a place for those who share this hobby. Treasure hunting clubs are becoming great places for treasure hunters and metal detecting enthusiasts to socialize. You get to visit new places as a group and hunt for treasure collectively which can be a lot of fun. If your local area does not have a club, consider this to be your cue to start your own.

You Will Have A Chance For Bonding With Your Family 

Just like fishing or camping, hobbies such as metal detecting can make a great family experience. You will have a chance to bring your whole family together for an amazing journey. All of you will come out of this much closer than before. In our world today, families spend time on their phones more than talking to each other. That is why these hobbies are great for spending some quality time with your family without any distractions. You can use metal detecting as something that can inspire young ones to adopt a hunter mentality and a thirst for ambitious thinking.


Going on a vacation somewhere far away is surely great, but when you are on a vacation in some exotic location with your metal detector, it takes on a whole new meaning. You do not have to travel as you can enjoy your vacation discovering new and abandoned places in your local area. If you are abroad, you can use a metal detecting guide to show you the place of most interest. The further you are, the more adventurous this hobby is going to get.

A hobby can be more than just a hobby. A hobby can be your gateway out of many different stresses in your life. It can also offer you a lot of benefits in both mental and financial aspects. Someone who pursues treasures definitely has a lot of stories to tell; about treasures and places they may have visited. It is not just a conversation starter, it shows that you are a person who has ambition and thirst for adventure. 

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Historical Evidence

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