What are the Things You Should Do Right After Home Renovation?

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A Brief History

Today, having a place of your own is as exciting as anything could be. At one point or another down the line, you are going to get an apartment or a house of your own, and it is going to be a turning point in your life. A few years later, while your home would be still as valuable and precious for you, wear and tear take a toll on the place. And you find yourself considering remodeling. You start getting back that excitement you felt when you first got the place, and plans for renovations keep popping up in your mind. But it’s not the remodeling that should worry you, it is what you should do afterwards. 

These are the things that you should do after home renovations.

Digging Deeper

Reviewing warranty documents 

This is one of the most important things that you need to do right after the renovations are completed. Chances are you’ve installed quite a few new items in your place, and you need to make sure that their warranty documents are in order and registered as soon as possible. 

Appliances like air conditioners and heating systems come with warranty cards, and you need to review those papers to make sure everything is as it should be. It might be a bit taxing, but it’s definitely an important step because those appliances cost a lot of money, and if your warranty papers have a problem, you stand to lose that money. So, whether it is your new rooftop shingles or new TV, gather all the warranty paperwork in one folder and make sure everything is in order. 


While this is a given, some people don’t go about it the right way. It would be a safe bet that the renovations left your home in an unflattering state when it comes to cleanliness, and one way or another, it will get cleaned. You might be thinking about grabbing a mop and doing it yourself, but that would be a big mistake. If you click here, you’ll understand why it is very important to deal with professionals after such a major step. Those people will be equipped and trained to handle the mess the place is in, and they will do it much faster than you or anyone else. They come with the necessary equipment and detergents to handle anything, and they have the necessary experience in cases like this, which ensures much better results than if you did it yourself. 

Protect your home

You have probably spent a lot of money on renovating your place, and you really should keep that in mind once the changes are done so you could work on protecting your home. This means taking extra precautions to avoid any damage happening to the freshly made changes. For example, you’ll want to avoid resting heavy objects on new coats of paint so it wouldn’t get scratched; it’s best to maintain a small distance between that heavy closet and your bedroom walls or the piano and the living room walls. You could also protect your wooden floors, and you should, by putting felt pads underneath any chairs or heavy tables. This will make it much easier to move them around without scratching the floors. It’s this kind of steps that you should right after the model to avoid any damage to your property. 


It is also a good idea to reach out to your insurance agent after home renovations to see if there needs to be any adjustment to the homeowner policy. This might happen if you’ve significantly increased the value of your place. 

Consider what you need to move back in

After home renovations are completed, you should not just move back in without some careful consideration. You have to think about your belongings and what you should ditch moving back in. For instance, do you want those Persian rugs, or are the hardwood floors enough? Does my artwork go with the current décor? You need to ask questions like these and think about the answers really carefully. 


While you will not exactly start a maintenance routine right after remodeling your place, you should definitely create a maintenance checklist. When should the wooden floors be polished? Do I need to change the air filters every couple of months or longer? You need to know those details early on so you could plan accordingly. 

Stepping into a newly renovated home is quite an exciting feeling, but it does not just end when the construction workers leave your place after finishing the renovations. You need to take things slowly and make sure those changes last you for quite some time. With the tips above, and a little bit of consistency, you’ll get comfortable in no time. 

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