Welcome to the Fall 2018 Semester!

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A Brief History

Dear students, welcome to the Fall 2018 semester!

Digging Deeper

I hope that all of you had a spectacular summer!  I am looking forward to helping you learn about history over the coming weeks!

I have already introduced myself to you in class, but now I would like to introduce this site.  As in past years, this web site has served as a major resource for students in my courses and is intended to help you learn about our history in a free and concise manner.  Moreover, as I am the sole owner of this site, I am able to craft its content in a way that works specifically for whatever classes I am teaching.

Excerpt from one of my Fall 2017 course evaluations.  The student wrote: “He literally MADE a website so we would not have to buy materials.  Nice!”

On Blackboard, you will find links to articles on this site that you need to read and comment on per the instructions on your syllabus.  You can either comment directly on the articles by scrolling down on each of them and using the Disqus commenting system or at the end of each unit, you can compile a list of your comments and send them to me as a Word file.  If you choose to comment directly on the articles using the Disqus commenting system, please keep a record of what name and email you used to comment.  Then, at the end of the course, let me know what name and email you used so that I can tally these up.

Question for students: I am curious what are you most excited or at least interested in learning about this semester?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to email me using our university’s email at any time!  Again, welcome to our class and best wishes in our course!


Dr. Zar


About Author

Dr. Zar

Dr. Zar graduated with a B.A. in French and history, a Master’s in History, and a Ph.D. in History. He currently teaches history in Ohio.