Things You Need to Know About Car Workshops

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A Brief History

Many people do not know that auto mechanics started as early as the 1800s in Europe, and the first-ever automobile was perfected in 1901. While a lot of things happened throughout automobile history, early car owners always had difficulty in finding people to fix and maintain this newly invented machine. In the early 1900s, Henry Ford perfected the efficient way of automobile making by releasing cars that had standardized parts, hence, it was cheaper and faster to make. As more automobiles were produced using standardized parts that were easy to learn and use, professionals and private businesses started offering mechanic services. Experienced mechanics back then were paid by the hour and were known to have worked faster, which resulted in lower costs for the owner and more business for the dealer or mechanic. 

Today, auto-mechanics and body repair have advanced so much that it is largely driven by technology, and with daily advancements, mechanics working in the field are constantly learning. Now, cars are now a staple in almost every household around the world, and car workshops have become every vehicle owner’s go-to. From repairs, improvements to maintenance, name it. Having a trustworthy car repair shop has a lot of advantages, but finding the best shop to handle car fixes can be a bit tedious, and car owners should consider a bunch of points to find the best shop to handle the needs of their car. 

Whether the car is new or used, it is extremely important for each car owner to have a trustworthy shop that will take good care of their car no matter how big or small the issue is. 

While there are a lot of things to know about car workshops, it’s best to know the important ones. Let us dive in, shall we?

Digging Deeper


While there are a lot of highly skilled car servicing professionals everywhere, it is always best to consider their level of expertise and experience in the area. It always makes sense to choose a well-trained, high-skilled professional that has been working for a long time now. Just like this car workshop in Singapore, for example, has been running for more than 30 years and has serviced a lot of cars means it is trusted by many and could be a good cue for other car owners to make use of the services offered. Having professionals you trust to work on your car or cars matter a lot as this will affect its lifespan and market value as a whole. 


Now, vehicle owners would know that investing in a car means investing in its running costs by lowering it. Car servicing not only lowers running costs, but it also maintains its market value. Another thing to always consider is the pricing for each service done on your car, and how it will benefit it in the long run. It is always best to remember to go for the services that offer quality work than mediocre ones. If you are going for affordable services, just make sure that the quality of work is outstanding despite the price.

Car Models

You must be thinking if this is even necessary, the answer is yes! Although many believe that all shops work on all types of car models, it actually is a misconception. Some shops exclusively work on specific models only. There are shops that exclusively works on sports cars and some on all types of cars. And it will be a big waste of time if they do not serve a certain car, so it’s always best to do research before visiting the shop.

After Sales

Bought a car from a certain shop? Always consider their after-sales services and customer support, do they offer regular car maintenance and servicing? Will they continue to take care of the car’s needs during its entire lifespan? Do they look out for minor glitches and monitor the car’s entire health every few months? It’s best to have these services to lessen costs in the long run. 


Is the shop located in an accessible place? Does it have proper parking spaces and have less traffic than others? While this seems unimportant, it has to be considered to avoid further hassles and stresses.

Services Offered

Some shops offer limited services so it always suggested going to shops that offer a wide range of services like body repair jobs, panel beatings, engine overhauls, oil changing, break-checking, and any other general repair servicing that a car needs. 

Emergency Services

As a car owner,  unfortunate events and emergencies could arise, and having a shop that offers services even after hours. The most common service any vehicle owner should consider is a 24-hour towing because no one wants to leave a broken car at the side of the street in the middle of the night, right?


While most shops do not offer these features, having it is always a BIG plus and should always be considered. Insurance is a necessity that most vehicle owners don’t give much importance to. Having a shop that offers insurance should be top of anyone’s list.


This is probably one of the most important aspects to consider. Every car owner should consider the safety of the car repair shop. Does it offer new, high-end gears, materials, and mechanics? Are they up to date with the latest technology and mechanical software to help them with diagnostics? The answer should be yes. Each car depends on it.

If you are looking for a great shop to service your car, consider the points above as this will help you lessen the stress of finding the best one for your car. Remember, quality over anything else, always. 

Investing in your car’s health and maintenance is an absolute necessity and should always be one of the top priorities for every car owner. Not only does it maintain its beauty, but it also maintains its value, lowers further costs, avoids further complications and issues in the future and most importantly, keeps you safe at all costs. 

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