The Weird, The Odd, The Stupid of July 2020

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A Brief History

On August 1, 2020, we take a look back on a rather tumultuous July of 2020, a month replete with unique people and events in American and world history.  It seems as if the world has gone crazy!  As always, feel free to nominate your own people or events that you believe belong in such a list.  (Please do not expect us to give either the left or the right a pass!)

Digging Deeper

Dr. Stella Immanuel.

This so called medical doctor went to Washington, D.C. and got the attention of President Trump, who re-Tweeted a video of  her as an example of doctors that agree with his assessment of the drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and preventative for Covid-19.  Donald Trump, Jr. also espoused this charismatic, raving lunatic, saying the video is a “must watch!”  Why do we call this Houston based doctor a lunatic?  Not because she claims wearing face masks do not help prevent the spread of Covid-19, but because she claims alien DNA is being used by unscrupulous US doctors and that scientists are currently developing a “vaccine” to make people non-religious!  But wait, it gets worse!  She also says certain gynecological problems are caused by people having sex with demons and witches in their dreams!  Demon sperm, according to her, is the culprit.  Oh, and the most likely to be true allegation put forth by the esteemed Ms. Immanuel is that the US government is run not by people, but by “reptilians” and aliens.  We are not making this up.  Not only did this crank meet with the Vice President of the United States, she got the almost immediate support of the President.  President Trump then demurred, saying he really does not know this doctor.  Strange times, indeed.

Umbrella Man revealed.

A rabble rouser seen during the riots in Minneapolis in May has been identified as Mitchell Carlson, a White Supremacist linked to the Hells Angels motorcycle club and a group known as The Aryan Cowboys.  This White man was caught on video burning an Auto Zone store and painting inflammatory graffiti during the riot, sparking a month-long investigation as to who this agent provocateur really is.  Previous rumors of the man being an undercover police officer nefariously implanted in the riot mob to incite violence has finally been debunked, although it certainly does seem as though this guy was indeed trying to provoke violence in an effort to undermine the validity of the protests taking place regarding the death of an African American man in the custody of the Minneapolis police.  Meanwhile, much of the United States continues to experience protests, both peaceful and those with violence and property damage throughout July, with no end in sight.

Maine Shark Attack. Australia Shark Attack.

For the first time in the known history of the state of Maine, a woman was killed by a Great White Shark, the first ever fatal shark attack in that state.  This sad incident continues a disturbing trend over the past several years of a remarkable increase in shark attacks in the United States and around the world. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, a 10 year old boy was fishing with his dad off the North coast of Tasmania in Australia when a shark yanked the unlucky lad right from the boat!  The shark actually jumped right out of the water to grab the kid off the 19 foot boat.  The father of the boy immediately jumped in the water to attack the shark and retrieve his son, scaring the finned felon off.  The boy survived with injuries to his head and chest and was one of several Australian victims of shark attacks in June and July of 2020.

Congressman Louis “Louie” Gohmert, coronavirus denier gets Covid-19.

A US Representative from Texas, Gohmert has steadfastly refused to wear a face mask when in public and/or around other people, claiming that face masks do not help limit the spread of Covid-19 and in “fact” they are unhealthy for those that wear them.  He now has tested positive for the dreaded virus, and we will see if he keeps to the promise he made in June of 2020, “I don’t have the coronavirus, turns out as of yesterday I’ve never had it. But if I get it, you’ll never see me without a mask.”    Not to be deterred by mere scientific facts, Gohmert then claimed he contracted the corona virus because of wearing a mask!

Incredible Spike in Covid-19 cases and deaths in states that “re-opened.”

July of 2020 saw an American population driven half mad from being out of work and being denied normal social gatherings, leading many governors and other politicians to re-open many of the businesses and activities that had been closed or limited due to the pandemic.  The result has been horrific!  Florida, Texas, Arizona and Alabama have suffered immensely, while other states also experienced a sharp rise in cases, and in some cases, deaths as well.  President Trump blamed the enormous increase in reported Covid-19 cases as a result of increased testing for the virus in the US, and even said we should test less to have fewer cases, a refrain he has sung repeatedly for the last few months!  He then complained about Dr. Anthony Fauci being more popular than himself while repeating blatant falsehoods about the pandemic.

Miami Marlins baseball team gets Covid-19.

The delayed start to the 2020 major league baseball season finally got underway on July 23, and within just a few days the Marlins reported 14 players, coaches and others had now tested positive for the coronavirus.  Marlins’ upcoming games were immediately postponed, and the Yankees, who had just finished playing a series against the Marlins, also had to sit out some games.  Then the Marlins reported at least 4 more Covid-19 cases!  While the major leagues are continuing at this time, it is hard to see how this season can be played to its conclusion if some teams are unable to compete.

US Economy in the tank.

In July of 2020, statistics regarding the economy (GDP, or Gross Domestic Product) of the United States indicated a massive 32.9% drop from April through June, ending an 11 year run of continuous economic growth in the US, the longest such run in US history. The second quarter of 2020 is the worst economic quarter in US history!  For that matter, the rest of the world is not doing so well, either.  With the record setting increases in Covid-19 cases, the prospects of the economy recovering remain dim.  (And by dim, we mean dismally dark!)  Meanwhile, zillions of American businesses, both local and national chains, continue to declare bankruptcy and/or go out of business, especially restaurants.  Many television shows have stopped production with no resumption in sight, and movie theaters remain closed, leading movie production companies to put a hold on releasing films.

City of New York targets President Trump.

In a direct attack against President Trump, the City of New York, led by the mayor himself, had a huge Black Lives Matter message painted on the street in front of Trump Tower.  Never before (that we know of) has a major city made such a blatant effort to embarrass and infuriate a sitting President of the United States.  The street painting then was defaced on several occasions, being restored each time.  Making the entire circus show all the worse, the Black Lives Matter organization, though drawing on their name from an entirely laudable premise, that Black people are just as important as anyone else (and we agree), the fact is that widespread support of the BLM, including the MLB and NBA splashing the logo on their fields of play and corporate support, not to mention massive public and political support, is being channeled toward an avowed Marxist ideology!  Would all these companies, sports leagues, politicians and citizens support a Marxist organization?  Apparently, because they sure do, and it is not exactly a secret about the Marxist connection.

Kim Jong-un wants credit for making war impossible.

The rather odd dictator of North Korea has boasted that his country’s nuclear weapons capability has now made it impossible for any nation to go to war with his country.  He apparently is not familiar with the concept of a first strike…

Russian Bounties on US Military personnel, President Trump refuses to ask Putin about it.

In late June, 2020, news media reported that our intelligence agencies had discovered that Russia has been offering monetary bounties to the Taliban in Afghanistan for each American soldier killed.  President Trump denied knowing about this grave allegation in late June, and continued to deny it in July, leading us to wonder if A. He is lying, B. His intelligence briefers are grossly negligent in not telling him about this massive affront to America, or C. Intelligence briefers told him and or provided the story in writing and somehow the President neglected to pay attention or read his intelligence brief.  Any of those scenarios are frightening, and throughout July the President was urged to confront President Putin of Russia about the issue, and President Trump continued to refuse to raise the issue, notably during a July 23 telephone conference with Putin!  What??

Politicians and media continue to refer to BLM protesters as “peaceful” despite obvious violence and threats.

So called social justice warriors protesting racism and police brutality, especially that allegedly directed toward African Americans, continue to protest in many American cities, often throwing fireworks, frozen water bottles, rocks and other missiles at the police and attempting to burn down government buildings.  Yet the mainstream media and many (mostly Democratic) politicians insist on referring to them as “peaceful” protesters when the fact is blatant that they are not peaceful!!!  Of course, many of the protesters are indeed peaceful, but those being arrested and targeted with tear gas and other anti-riot measures are not, although some peaceful protesters may get caught up in the melee that ensues.  Portland, Oregon, in particular has become a focal point of ongoing protests that have gotten the attention of the Federal government which has sent Federal agents to protect government building that the Portland city administration refuses to allow the police department to defend.  Seattle, Washington, has been another major city under siege from “peaceful” protesters with a city administration loath to enforce the rule of law.

Woman gored and tossed by angry Bison.

A 72 year old woman from California thought it was a good idea to approach within about 10 feet of a wild Bison (also known as Buffalo) at Yellowstone National Park.  Apparently, the Bison did not think such an approach was a good idea, because the great hairy beast attacked the woman, goring her with its horns and tossing her like a rag doll about 15 feet into the air.  Luckily the woman survived.  We do not know if she actually got the “selfie” she was attempting to take when she got too close to the Bison…

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested.

The longtime companion and alleged enabler of accused sex offender/millionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in her New Hampshire home, reportedly trying to hide from authorities.  She has been charged with enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury, and has been denied bond due to her high possibility of fleeing prosecution.  Several women have accused Maxwell of recruiting/procuring them for sex with Epstein and his rich and powerful friends (such as Prince Andrew of Britain) while the victims were still of minor age.  The icing on this sordid cake is that Maxwell once commissioned a special birthday song for Epstein, a tune that included references to 24 hour erections and references to schoolgirls having a crush on Epstein while he was a school teacher!

Countries do not want American visitors.

A myriad of countries around the world are denying Americans the right to visit their countries, even those (such as the Bahamas) that are economically dependent on American tourists for their economy. The European Union countries are notable for their ban on visiting Americans.  While the land border with Mexico is closed down, Americans can still fly into our neighbor to the South with certain restrictions.  (Maybe Mexico will build the wall after all!)  Roughly 31 countries are currently not accepting Americans or only under stringent conditions.  Remember when it was the US that wanted to deny foreigners from visiting?

Notable deaths.

Among notable deaths in July of 2020, we count television icon Regis Philbin, erstwhile Presidential candidate and restaurant CEO Herman Cain (Covid-19).  Civil Rights icon and congressional leader John Lewis, Benjamin Keogh (suicide, grandson of Elvis Presley), Kelly Preston (actress wife of John Travolta, cancer), Broadway star Nick Cordero (long battle with Covid-19), and Glee actress Naya Rivera (drowning).


In July of 2020, a reported 3.6 million requests were made for background checks for people to purchase firearms from licensed firearm dealers in the United States, the third highest monthly total since records have been kept.  This number is nearly double that of July 2019.  So what months exceeded July 2020 for background checks (which presumably also means gun sales)?  June of 2020 with 3.9 million and March of 2020 with 3.7 million!  The double whammy of coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic disaster and the ongoing “peaceful” protests across the country have driven Americans to buy up as many guns as they can afford.  The  increasing prospect of a Joe Biden presidential election will surely also drive up gun sales.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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The featured image in this article, an Official White House Photograph by Shealah Craighead of an audience member listening to President Donald J. Trump delivering remarks on restoring energy dominance in the Permian Basin prior to signing presidential permits Wednesday, July 29, 2020, at the Double Eagle Oil Rig in Midland, Texas, is a work of an employee of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, it is in the public domain.  This image was originally posted to Flickr by The White House at It was reviewed on  by FlickreviewR 2 and was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the Public Domain Mark.


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