The Best Ways to Help Your Child Survive a New School

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A Brief History

On April 23, 1635, Boston Latin School was established and is both the first public school and oldest existing school in the United States of America.  Do you want to know the best tips for starting a new school? If yes, then you have come to the right spot. A school works as a base for your child’s future, and this is where they study to succeed. Surviving at new school can be frightening and nerve-wracking for your little one. Your kid must be anxious thinking about a whole new environment. He might be concerned about the strict behavior of teachers or the fear of getting lost. These are some of the questions that may worry your child while starting a new school year; however, things become easier once your child gets into regular homework and after-school activities. He will make new friends, know about the school, and experience the affectionate conduct of teachers. Here are some useful tips that will help your child at a new school.

Digging Deeper

Be Familiar with the New School

Headmaster Michael Duane welcomes pupils to the new Risinghill School, 4 March 1960.  Photograph by LMA, LCC Education Committee Mins, 6 April 1960, p.388.

It is important for your child to know about the new learning place. So, make sure they are fully acquainted with the new school.

Meeting with Teachers

The Grandview Parent Teacher Association (PTA) met at the Willits H. Sawyer residence at 1499 Roxbury Road on Wednesday, May 15, 1918.  Photograph from UA Archives | Upper Arlington History.

Your child will definitely adjust to a new school if he or she already knows the teachers. Introduce your kid to their new teachers, and tell about some key facts like the name of the teacher, what topics they teach, and where they teach.

Take Your Kid to a School Tour

A classroom library in the US.  Photograph by popofatticus / Rob from Cambridge, MA, USA.

Take your beloved child to the new school for a pleasant visit. Tell him about classrooms, auditorium, cafeteria, gym, bathroom, and other places.

The School Handbook

Harrison-Morton Jr Hish School Handbook – Allentown PA

A School Handbook contains all the information about school policies. So, it is better to let your child know about the rules and regulations that they need to follow at the new learning place. You can get this handbook from School or just download from your kid’s school website. School diaries or handbooks also tell about some exciting facts that your child will find interesting to know.

The School Calendar

Contains information on the 2014-2015 school year from the district website.

Knowing about the scheduled vacation, special days, half days, deadlines on essay writing Australia papers, and carnivals will help to plan everything in a timely manner. Kids can mark these dates on a calendar in their room and anticipate when they are going to have a day off.

Practicing the First Day

First day in school.  Photograph by Shazabarakat.

It is better to do a practice run before the first day of school. It will let your child know about how long it will take to bike, walk or drive to the new school. Make sure your child also knows where to go for their first class.

Preparing School Supplies

Inside of a stationery shop in Hanoi.  Photograph by Newone.

You can get the complete list of school supplies from your little one’s school website. Visit a stationary shop along with your kid and purchase everything suggested by the school. Make sure each and everything is ready before your child gets into the school bus. You can tell your child about these supplies and how to take care of each thing for better usage.

Sleep and Eat Well

Zwei schlafende Mädchen auf der Ofenbank (1895) by Albert Anker

How to start a new school with great motivation? A good night’s sleep is of great significance before starting an exciting day full of learning. This will help your child fend off anxiety. So make sure your kid gets at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Sometimes kids are too worried to eat much, but it is imperative to fuel their body so that they don’t feel hungry during the class. Things like eggs and peanut butter toast provide enough protein for the day.


The Parent Student Handbook for the Pasadena Unified School District for the 2015-2016 school calendar year.

Starting a new school can be a positive experience for children if parents deliver all the guidance they need. Kids familiarize themselves with the new learning environment quickly. They will not have to experience any nervousness if parents provide the support that they need to excel at a new school. Make sure your child set future goals, make good decisions, participate in healthy activities, do his homework regularly, and stay in touch with friends. Things like knowing the school earlier, making new friends, having a clear idea of studies, and good coaching from teachers can help your kid survive at a new school without any problems.

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Historical Evidence

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